RW-Ring Wear, WOBC-Writing on Back Cover, SW –Shrink Wrap, WOC – Writing on Cover, WOL-Writing on Label, TOC- Tape on Cover, SmSpl-Seam Split, GF-Gatefold,WLP- White Label Promo, SRW-Slight Ring Wear, RB-Rainbow- Black , CC-Cut Corner, NH-Notch, SOC-Stamp on Cover


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1 A Pot of Flowers With Love 180 Gram,Virgin Vinyl LtdEd. Mint Mnstream s/6100
2 AC/DC Flick of the Switch 1983, SW Mint Atlantic 80100-1
3 AC/DC If You Want Blood 1978, SW Mint/M- Atlantic sd19212
4 AC/DC High Voltage 1976, Japan Audoph, Lyr. Sht, OBI Mint Atco p10926t
5 Accept Restless and Wild 1983, U.K., Red Vinyl Mint HMI lp6
6 Adamson, Barry Moss Side Story 1989, Mint Mute 71420-1
7 Adamson, Barry Taming of the Shrewd 1989, U.K. Mint 12Mute 97
8 Aerosmith Feat. Dream On 1973, SW Mint Columbia pc3205
9 America Greatest Hits-History 1975, SngStkr Sealed WarBros bs2894
10 And Also the Trees E Aussi Les Arbres 1986, France Mint ART arty1
11 Aphex Twin Classics 1995, 2-lps, Belgium Mint RS 95035
12 Aphex Twin Selected Ambient Works 85-92 2-lps, Belgium Mint RS ?
13 Arachnoid Self-titled 1992, S.Korea, Re-Issue w/Insert Mint King srml 3006
14 Art Bears Hopes and Fears 1978, Gf Mint RRR 0004
15 Art of Lovin' Self-titled Ltd.Ed, Red Vinyl Mint Mnstream s/6113
16 Aryan Aquarians Meet Their Waterloo 1987, E.E.C. Mint Laylah lay29
17 Asia Minor Between Flesh and Divine 1992, S. Korean, Reissue, w/Insert Mint King srml 3005
18 Astley, Virginia Promise Nothing 1983, Belgium Mint Crepuscule twi194
19 Avalanches, The Ski Surfin' 1963, Hole M-/M- WarBros 1525
20 Bachman, Randy (BTO) Axe 1970, SW Mint RCA lsp4348
21 Bardo Pond Set and Setting 1999, Mint Ole 364-1
22 Bardo Pond Lapsed 1997, Mint Matador ole210-1
23 Beach Boys Beach Boys'Party! Gf, Black RB, 15 Photos M-/M- Capitol dmas2398
24 Beatles 65 Mono, Black R.B. M-/M- Capitol t2228
25 Beatles Beatles '66 1977, Brasil Mint SmilinEars se7704
26 Beatles Twickenham Jams 1977, Brasil Mint SmilinEars se7702
27 Beck, J./T. Bogert /Appice Self-titled 1973, SW, Text. Cvr Mint Epic ke32140
28 Beck, Jeff and Yardbirds Self-titled 1973, German Mint BYG 200.139
29 Bianchi, Maurizio (M.B.) The Plain Truth 1983, Italy Mint MB-55/TD 56
30 Billion Dollar Babies ( A. Cooper) Battle Axe 1977, SW Mint Polydor pd16100
31 Birdsongs of the Mesozoic Faultline 1989, Mint Rune 19
32 Bohemian Vendetta Self-titled 180 Gr, Ltd.Ed Sealed Mnstream s/6106
33 Bowie, David Bowie Rare 1970's, U.K. M-/M- RCA pl45406
34 Brotzmann, Caspar Mute Massaker 1198, 2-lps, Import Mint RTD 195.3362.1
35 Brown, Arthur The Crazy World of…. 1968, SW, Hole Mint Track sd8198
36 Brown, Arthur/ Vincent Crane Faster Than the Speed of Light 1980, German Mint IC 58088
37 Brown's Kindgom Come, Arthur The Lost Ears 1976, 2-lps, Gf, U.K. Mint Gull gud2004
38 Bryars, Gavin Hommages 1981, Gf, Belgium Mint Crepuscule twi027
39 Byrds, The Turn! Turn! Turn! Mono, '360' White M-/M- Columbia cl2454
40 Buchanan, Roy Self-titled 1972, SW Mint Polydor pd5033
41 Cabaret Voltaire Percussion Force 1991, Belgium Mint Crepuscule twi951
42 Cabaret Voltaire Live at the Lyceum 1981, U.K., Poster Mint Mute cabs 13
43 Cabaret Voltaire Listen Up With…. 1990, 2-lps, Gf, U.K. Mint Mute cabs5
44 Cabaret Voltaire The Living Legends… 1990, 2-lps, Gf, U.K. Mint Mute cabs6
45 Cale, John Guts 1977, SW Mint Island ilps9459
46 Cale, John Paris 1919 1973, SW, WLP! Mint WarBros ms2131
47 Camper Van Beethoven Telephone Free Landslide Victory 1985, Insert Mint IndProj. IPO16
48 Can w/ Brian Eno, Sonic Youth Sacrilege 1997, 3-lps Mint Mute 9033-1
49 Capt. Beefheart and Magic Band Doc at the Radar Station 1980, SRW M-/M- Virgin va13148
50 Caravan In the Land of Grey and Pink 1971, Gf M-/M- ondon ps593
51 Caravan And the New Symphonia 1974, U.K. M-/M- Deram smlr1110
52 Carroll Band, Jim Catholic Boy 1980, SW, w/"People" Stkr Mint Atco sd 38132
53 Carter, Kent Suspensions 1978, Italy Mint Ictus 007
54 Carthy, Martin/ R.Harris/ L. Adams Penguin of Bk English Folk Songs 1985, U.K. Mint Fellside fe047
55 Centazzo, Andrea Mitteleuropa 1980, Gf, Italy Mint Ictus 0012
56 Chicago Transit Authority SW, Gf, 2-lps, Orig. "360" White Label Mint Columbia gp8
57 Ciccone Youth The Whitey Album 1988, WLP! Mint BlastFirst 3
58 Clapton, Eric Self-titled 1970, SW, 1841 M-/M- Atco sd33329
59 Clapton, Eric 461 Ocean Boulevard 1974, Gf, German M-/M- RSO 2394138
60 Clark Five, Dave Try Too Hard SW, Mono M-/M- Epic ln24198
61 Clash, The Give Em Enough Rope 1978, SW, Orange Mint Epic je35543
62 Collins, Nicolas Devil's Music 1985, Mint TraceEl.te1013
63 Cooper, Alice Pretties For You Gf,Yellow,Censored Stkr M-/M- Straight sts1051
64 Crazy Horse Self-titled German M-/M- Reprise 44114
65 Current 93 Swastikas For Noddy 1987, Belgium Mint Laylah lay20
66 Dari, Luciano Wajd 1989, Italy Mint MMM eee03
67 Dark Day (R.L. Crutchfield's) Exterminating Angel 1980, RW Exc/M- Infidelity jmb229
68 Dead Boys Night of the Living 1996, Mint Bomp blp4017
69 Deo Self-titled 1981, German Mint I.C. ks80.017
70 Depeche Mode The Singles 86>98 3-lps Box, Ltd.Ed. Audioph, 8 page Bk Mint Mute lc5834
71 Depeche Mode Enjoy the Silence 1990, German, Ltd.Ed., 12" 1-Sided Etched Mint Mule int126.926
72 Deusch Amerikanische Freundschaft Die Kleinen und die Bosen 1980, U.K.? Mint Mute stumm 1
73 Deux Filles Silence and Wisdom 1982, U.K., Text. Cvr M-/M- Pulp 31
74 Die Krupps I 1992, German Mint RoughTrd ted195.1266.1
75 Diga Rhythm Band Siga 1976, CC M-/M- UnArts rxla600g/rx110
76 Diskaholics Live in Japan V. 1 2004, Mint Load 086
77 Dixie Cups, The Chapel of Love 1964, Mono M-/M- RedBird rbs20100
78 Domingo, Anna East and West 1984, Belgium, 5-Cut Mint TWI 187
79 Doobie Brothers Cthe Captain and Me 1973, Gf, WLP! M-/M- WarBros bs2694
80 Drummond, Bill The Man 1983, U.K. M-/M- CRE lp014
81 East of Eden Mercator Projected 1969, Mint Deram des18023
82 Edhels Still Dream 1988, France Mint Musea fgbg2014
83 Einheit F.M./ Stein Stein 1990, German? Mint Roughtrade 196.1200.127
84 Einheit/ Haage/ Stein Steinzeit 1991, German, Clear Vinyl Mint RTD 195.239.1
85 Einsturzende Neubauten Interim 1993, Germany Mint Beton 205
86 Einsturzende Neubauten Tabula Rasa 1993, Gf, German Mint Beton 106
87 Einsturzende Neubauten Malediction 1993, U.K? German? Mint Beton 206
88 Einsturzende Neubauten Ende Neu 1996, UK. Mint Beton 504
89 Einsturzende Neubauten Remixes 1997, U.K., 2-lps Mint Beton 602
90 Einsturzende Neubauten Perpetuum Mobile 2004, 2-lps, U.K. Mint Mute stumm221
91 Einsturzende Neubauten 1991-2001 Strategies Against Arch. III 2001, 3-lps Box, German Mint Roughtrade gh005
92 Einsturzende Neubauten H. Muller- Die Hamletmaschine 1991, German Mint Roughtrade 197.208.127
93 Einsturzende Neubauten ST: Berlin Babylon 2001, German Mint EGO 1101 gh004
94 Einsturzende Neubauten Silence is Sexy 2000,2-lps,Gf, German? Mint GH 002
95 Epitaph Outside the Law 1974, Gf M-/M- Billingsgate bg1009
96 F.A.R. Passi Uguali Italy Mint MinusHab. 002
97 Factrix Scheintot 1981, Insert Mint Adolescent
98 Fad Gadget Incontinent 1981, Canada, Hole M-/M- Mute stum6
99 Foetus Corruptus Rife 2-lps, Mint ?
100 Freeport Self-titled Ltd.Ed. High Quality Colored Vinyl Sealed Mnstream s/6130
101 Galas, Diamanda Plague Mass-84 End of Epidemic 1991, 2-lps,Lyric Sht, U.K. Mint Mute stumm83
102 Galas, Diamanda The Divine Punishment 1986, U.K. Mint Mute stumm27
103 Galas, Diamanda The Singer 1992, U.K., Insert Mint Mute stumm103
104 Galas, Diamanda Saint of the Pit 1986, U.K. Mint Mute stumm33
105 Galas, Diamanda Vena Cava 1990, U.K Mint Mute stumm119
106 Galas, Diamanda w/ John Paul Jones The Sporting Life 1994, U.K. Mint Mute stumm127
107 Gallagher, Rory Photo-Finish 1978, SW Mint Chrysalis chr1170
108 Geisterfahrer Fest der Vielen Sinne 1981, German Mint Konkurrenz 6435133
109 Gilbert, Bruce The Shivering 1986, U.K. Mint Mute stumm 39
110 Gilbert, Bruce Insiding 1991, U.K. Mint Mute stumm 71
111 Goodies, The Candy Coated Goodees Promo Mint Hip his7002
112 Grand Funk We're An American Band 1973, Gf, Gold Vinyl, 4-Stkrs M-/M- Capitol smas11207
113 H.N.A.S.(Mieses Gegonge) Abwassermusik 1985, Sweden Mint Psypro 005
114 Halloween Part One 1992, France, Lyric Sht Mint Musea fgbg2021
115 Halloween Laz 1990, France, Lyric Sht Mint Musea fgbg2032
116 Hammill, P./ L. Lovich/Gronemeyer ST: Fall of the House of Usher 1991, 2-lps, U.K. Mint SBZ lp007
117 Hawkwind, Man, Brinsley Schwarz Greasy Truckers at Roundhouse 2-lps, U.K. M-/M- UDZ 203/4
118 Heartbreakers/ Richard Hell What Goes Around… 1991, Mint Bomp blp4039
119 Hecenia Legendes 1990, France, Lyric Sht Mint Musea fgbg2036
120 Hecker, Tim Ravedeath 1972 1980, 2-lps Mint Krank 154
121 Hendrix Experience, Jimi Axis: Bold as Love 1967, Gf, Rare 3-Color Label, SW Mint Reprise 6281
122 Henske, Judy, Jerry Yester Farewell Albedaran Gf, WLP! M-/Exc Straight sts1052
123 Holy Sisters of Gaga Dada Let's Get Acquainted 1986, CC Mint Bomp blp4023
124 Howlin' Wolf/ Eric Clapton The London H.W. Sessions Gf, Blue Mint Ches ch60008
125 Hunting Lodge 8-Ball 1987, Mint SMO5
126 Idea Fire Company Fourth Dimension is Money 1994,2-lps,Booklet, Money Cvr. Edit 1000 Mint Swill 011
127 Iggy and the Stooges Raw Power 1973, SW Mint Columbia kc32111
128 Iron Butterfly Heavy 1968, Gold-Purple M-/M- Atco sd33227
129 Isotope The Best of… 1977, U.K., Promo Mint Gull gulp 1024
130 Isotope Self-titled 1974, U.K. M-/M- Gull gulp 1002
131 Isotope Deep End 1975, U.K. Mint Gull gulp1017
132 Jagger, M/ R. Cooder/ B. Wyman Jamming With Edward! 1972, SW Mint Rstones coc39100
133 Jale Closed 1995, Canada, w/Etched Side, EP Mint Murder mur018
134 Jethro Tull Benefit France, 'Pink I' M-/M- Island 6339009
135 Jive Bureaux Stick It 1978, U.K., Mint Gull gulp1025
136 Kaiser Nietzsche Heterology 1989, Japan Mint Noctovsn ncvlp-01
137 Katmandu Self-titled Ltd.Ed. Red Vinyl, Audioph Mint Mnstream s/6131
138 Kaye, Thomas Jefferson Self-titled 1973, Sealed Dunhill dsx50149
139 Kearney, Christopher Pemmican Stash 1973, Hole, SW Mint Capitol st11167
140 Kiss Love Gun 1977, Lve Gun Insert Mint/M- Cblanca nblp705798
141 KLF The White Room 1991, U.K. Mint Jams lp006
142 Kommunity FK Close One Sad Eye 1985, Mint IndProj IP015
143 Koner, Thomas Teimo 2010, U.K., Black Vinyl, Re-Issue Mint Type 070v
144 Kopp, Hermann Mondo Carnale Best of 1981-1989 2005, Ltd.Ed. 267/500 Mint VOD 14
145 Krokus Headhunter 1983, SW, SngStkr Mint Arista al8-8005
146 Laibach Rekapitulacija 1980-84 1985, 2-lps box, German Mint ?
147 Leather Nun, The Slow Death 1986, U.K. Mint Wire wrmlp100
148 Lemonheads Hate Your Friends 1987, Blue Vinyl, Reissue M-/Mint Taang 15
149 Little Feat Dixie Chicken 1973, WLP! M-/M- WarBros bs2686
150 Little Nemo Sounds in the Attic 1989, France Mint ART arty 8
151 Lofgren, Nils/ A. Dunbar Nils Lofgren 1975, SW Mint AM sp4509
152 Loop Fade Out Hole Mint Rough us52
153 Macronympha Cut-ups, Drones and Other Weird 2010, 2-lps, Green Vinyl Mint PremSang 002
154 Mahogany Rush Child of the Novelty 1974, Gf Mint 20thCent. T451
155 Mandel, Harvey Baby Batter Sw Mint Janus jls3017
156 Mandragore A Revivre le Futur 1990, France Mint Musea fgbg2033
157 McGuire, Barry Eve of Destruction SW Mint Dunhill 50003
158 McLaughlin, John Devotion Gf, Black-Silver Mint Douglas 4
159 Meele, Gil ST: The Andromeda Strain 1971,Fold-Open Cvr, Octagon Shape Disk M-/M- Kapp krs5513
160 Merzbow Live Deformation/ Holland 1989, Holland, Ltd.Ed 265/300 Mint Midas ro4
161 Merzbow/ Band of Pain Celeb. Of Liz./ March of Myriapods 2007, U.K. Pic-Disc Mint Dpromp lp60
162 Metabolist Hansten Klork U.K. M-/Mint Drom dro2
163 Mimir Self-titled 1991, Germany, 2-lps Mint Flab dlp21082
164 Mimir Self-titled 2000, Ltd.Ed. Green Vinyl, Insert Mint Streamline 1012
165 Miracle Legion/ Peru Ubu Glad 1987, Mint Rough us 34
166 Moore, R.Stevie What's the Point?!! 1984, Mint Rune 1
167 Moss,D, A, Centazzo, A. Cline Percussion Interchanges 1980, Italy Mint Ictus 0021
168 Mothers of Invention Over-Nite Sensation 1973, Gf, Boat Mint Reprise ms2149
169 Mouse on Mars Niun Niggung 1999, German Mint Rough 195.3611.1
170 Music Machine Turn On feat. Talk Talk 1968, SW Mint OrigSnd osrppm 5015
171 Narwal The Album 1991,Holland, Handmade Foldout Pstr Cvr Mint Interzone
172 Nazz Self-titled Gf, Red-Orange Exc/M- SGC sd5001
173 Nelson, Ricky Rick is 21 Mono, Stars M-/Mint Imperial lp9152
174 New York Dolls Self-titled 1973, SW, Original Mint Mercury srm1675
175 New York Dolls In Too Much Too Soon 1974, SW, Original Mint Mercury srm11001
176 Nitsch, Hermann Eighth Symphony 2001, Gf, 2-lps, Inserts Mint Cortical?
177 Nitzsche, Jack/ Mick Jagger ST: Performance 1970, SW, Green Mint WarBros 2554
178 Nucleus Self-titled Red Vinyl Re-Issue Mint Mnstream s/6120
179 Null Ultimate Material II 1995, Gf, 2-lps, U.K. Mint Dpromdlp 29
180 Numb Christmeister 1989, France Mint ART arty15
181 Nurse With Wound The Bacteria Magnet 2008, U.K., White Vinyl, Inner Slv. Mint UnDir dpromep66
182 Nurse With Wound L'age D'or 1985, Canada, Live Bootleg Mint Concrete
183 Nurse With Wound Soliloquy for Lilith 1988, U.K., 3-lp box set, w/Inserts Mint IdleHole
184 Octopus Self-titled 1969, Mint ESP disk2000
185 Operating Theatre Mis Mauger 1983, U.K. Mint Kabuki kaot6
186 Ordo Equitum Solis Animi Aegritudo 1991, Italy, Gf Mint MMM eee12
187 Osbourne, Ozzy Blizzard of Ozz 1981, SW Mint Jet jz36812
188 Perry, Joe I've got the Rock n' Rolls Again 1981, SW, SngStkr Mint Columbia fc37364
189 Petty, Tom Full Moon Fever 1989, Mint MCA 6253
190 Presley, Elvis ST: Roustabout SW, Mono, Black M-M- RCAVic lpm2999
191 Procol Harum (Robin Trower) Home Gf, Gold M-/M- AM sp4261
192 Pulsar Gorlitz 1988, France Mint Musea fgbg2031
193 Quartro, Suzi If you Knew Suzi…. 1979, CC Sealed RSO rs13044
194 Quicksilver Shady Grove 1969, Gf, Green M-/M- Globe skao391
195 Quicksilver Messenger Service Self-titled SW, Black RB M-/M- Capitol st2904
196 Raincoats, The Self-titled 1979, Mint Rough 3
197 Rammel Zee bs K. Rob Beat Bop 12", 2001 Re-issue,Poster Cvr by Basquiat Mint TT 001
198 Ranaldo, Lee From Here -Infinity 1986, 45 Rpm, Clear Vinyl Mint BlastFirst bffp9
199 Ratsorock Self-titled 1977, Italy Mint Ictus 0010
200 Reed, Lou Metal Machine Music 1975, 2-lps, Gf, NH, Quad! M-/M- RCA cpd2-1101
201 Renaissance (Jane /Keith Relf) Self-titled SW, Big 'E' Mint Electra eks74068
202 Residents, The Fingerprince 1979, Mint Ralph rr1276
203 Revell, Graeme The Insect Musicians 1986, U.K., w/Book Mint MusicBrut bru001
204 Revell, Graeme/ Nurse with Wound Necropolis, Amphibians, Reptiles 1986, U.K., Booklet Mint Brut bru002
205 Rolling Stones Stone Relics Mint Tr.Markof Quality
206 Rolling Stones Collector's Only 1980, German, SngStkr Mint Decca 6.24321
207 Roxy Music w/ Brian Eno Roxy Music 1972, Gf, German, Pink Rim M-/M- Island 86259it
208 Rundgren, Todd A Wizard/ A True Star 1973, Gf,WLP!, Octagon M-/M- Bearsville br2133
209 Russell, Arthur Instrumentals- 1974 V. 2 1981, France Mint An.Side8401
210 Sandrose Self-titled 1988, Gf, France Mint Musea fgbg2011
211 Schnitzler, Conrad Concert 1986, White Vinyl Mint idio 186103
212 Scorn Evanescence 1994, Ltd.Ed., 2-lps, Gf, Insert Mint Earache mosh113
213 Seger, Bob and Silver Bullet Bd Night Moves Sealed Capitol st511557
214 Sergeant, Will Themes for Grind 1982, U.K. Mint WarBros haplp001
215 Shylock Gialorgues 1989, France, Lyr. Sht Mint Musea fgbg2026
216 Signs of Chaos Frankenscience-Urban Cyberphunk 1996, 2-lps, Gf, U.K. Mint Earache mosh162
217 Skullflower IIIrd Gatekeeper 1991, Mint Headdirt hd01
218 Skullflower Vile Veil 2009, Mint Noiseville 91
219 Sleep Chamber Live at Palace Rd. Theatre 1986, Bootleg Mint ?
220 Sleep Chamber Live at the Channel 9-18-85 1985, 300 copies made Mint ?
221 Sleep Chamber Satanic Sanction 1988, Italy Mint MMM eee02
222 Smiths, The Hateful of Hollow 1984, Gf, U.K., SngStkr Mint Rough 76
223 Southside Johnny Jukes Live at Bottom Line 1976, WLP! M-/M- Epic as275
224 Steele, Tommy Rock Around the World Mono, FFRR, Maroon M-/M- London LL1770
225 Steppenwolf At Your Birthday Party 1971, Gf, Rare, No Die Cut Cvr Mint Dunhill dsx50053
226 Stooges, The Best Anthologie 1972, France M-/M- Electra 42 032
227 Straitjacket Fits Hail 1988, Mint Rough us73
228 Super Friendz Slide Show 1996, Canada Mint Murder mur025
229 Swell Maps A Trip to Marineland 1979, Bonus EP Mint Rather
230 Synopsis Minuit Ville 1989, France, Insert Mint Musea fgbg2030
231 Talas Live-High Speed on Ice 1984, SW Mint Combat mx8005
232 Taylor, Mick/ Lowell George Self-titled 1979, Mint Columbia 35076
233 Tegal, Schloss The Soul Extinguished 1991, w/Booklet, Insert Mint Tegal tr002/ada
234 Tempest Self-titled 1973, Fold-Out, WLP! M-/Mint WarBros bs2682
235 Terpandre Self-titled 1988, France Mint Musea fgbg2018
236 Terrorizer World Downfall 1989, U.K., Green Vinyl Mint Earache mosh16
237 Test Dept. Materia Primia 1986, U.K. Mint ?
238 Test Dept. Gododdin 1989, U.K., 24 Page Booklet Mint MOP4
239 Thin Lizzy Jailbreak 1976, SW, 'Boys' Song stkrs Mint Mercury srm11081
240 Thompson, Walter Star Date 1980, WOBC M-/M- Dane 002
241 Three Man Army A Third of a Lifetime 1971, Gf, Die-cut, SRW M-/M- Kstura ksbs2044
242 Throbbing Gristle Greatest Hits-Entertainment…Pain U.K? Mint Rough us 23
243 Throbbing Gristle Journey Through a Body 1982, No Inner Slv, Reissue Mint ?
244 Thunders, Johnny So alone 1978, U.K. Mint Real ral1
245 Tiffany Shade, The Self-titled 180 Gram, Ltd.Ed. Mint Mnstream s/6105
246 Tobias Dream #2 SCC, SRW M-/M- MGM mv5085
247 Turning Point Silent Promise 1978, U.K. Mint Gull gulp1027
248 Tuxedomoon Divine 1981, Mint Op.Twilight opt1
249 Ubu, Pere Live-Vol 1-360 Degrees Simulated Stereo 1981, Italy Mint Rough 23
250 VA: Joe Strummer, Pogues, J. Cale ST: Sid and Nancy-Love Kills 1986, Mint MCA 6181
251 VA: Magma, Troll,Eskaton Enneade 1987, France Mint Musea fgbg2005
252 VA: Porno,Graf, T.O.L.L. Gelande Terror Kontinuitat der Befind 2004, German Mint VOD 3
253 VA:Sloopy, Mad Doctors, Candles ST: Dr. Goldfoot and Girl Bombs Sealed Tower dt5053
254 Vasilisk Acqua 1989, Italy Mint MMM
255 Who, The Sings My Generation Black RB, CC Mint Decca dl74664
256 Wigwam Live Music fr. Twilight Zone 1975, 2-lps, Gf, Finland M-/M- Love lxlp517/518
257 Wood, Ron Gimme Some Neck 1979, SW Mint Columbia jc35702
258 Woods, Ron I've got my own album to do 1974, SW, Palms Mint WarBros bs2819
259 Wyatt, Robert ST: The Animals Film 1982, U.K. Mint Rough 40
260 Wyatt, Robert Old Rottenhat 1985, Gf, U.K Mint Rough 69
261 Yardbirds Having a Rave Up with the… SW, Yellow Mint Epic ln24177
262 Yardbirds Over Under Sideways Down Mono, Yellow Mint Epicln24210
263 Yardbirds- Box of Frogs Self-titled 1984, SW, Large Promo Decal Mint Epic bfe39327
264 Yes Big Generator 1987, SW, SngStkr Mint Atco 90522-1
265 Zappa, Frank Apostrophe 1974, WLP!, RW VG/M- Discreet ds2175
266 Zappa, Frank/ Beefheart Boston Music Hall 27/04/1975 1975, Mint Hedgehog hdc0020