RW-Ring Wear, WOBC-Writing on Back Cover, SW –Shrink Wrap, WOC – Writing on Cover, WOL-Writing on Label, TOC- Tape on Cover, SmSpl-Seam Split, GF-Gatefold,WLP- White Label Promo, SRW-Slight Ring Wear, RB-Rainbow- Black , CC-Cut Corner, NH-Notch, SOC-Stamp on Cover


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1 Air 80 Degrees Below '82 1982, Mint Antilles an1007
2 Albam, Manny/ A. Cohn/ Z. Sims Jazz Greats of Our Time. Vol. 1 Mono, Maroon, D.G. Mint Coral crl57173
3 Ammons, Gene In Sweden 1981, German Mint Enja 3093
4 Amy, Curtis and Paul Bryant Meetin' Here 1961, Black, Mono, D.G., SmSpl Exc/Exc PacJz pj26
5 Ayler, Albert New Grass 1968, Gf, Red-Black Mint Impulse a9175
6 Ayler, Albert In Greenwich Village 1967, Gf, Orange Mint Impulse a9155
7 Ayler, Albert The Last Album 1971, Gf, Red-Black Mint Impulse as9208
8 Ayler, Albert Ded. Series Vol VIII, Village Concerts 1978, 2-lps, Gf, Yellow/Orange M-/M- Impulse 1a9336/2
9 Ayler, Albert Music is Healing Force of Universe 1972, Gf, Red-Black Mint Impulse as9191
10 Ayler, Albert Love Cry Gf, Red-Black, Stereo Mint Impulse a9165
11 Ayler, Albert, Don Cherry New York Eye and Ear Control 1966, RW Exc/M- ESP 1016
12 Baker, Chet/ Gerry Mulligan Mulligan/Baker 1979, 2-lps, Gf, Green, U.K. Mint Prestige pr24016
13 Baxter, Les ST: Bora Bora 1970, WOBC M-/M- AmInt sta1029
14 Bobo, Willie Spanish Grease 1965, Yellow, Promo M-/M- MGM lat10,007
15 Brown, Marion Sweet Earth Flying 1974, Gf, Black, Quad M-/M- Impulse as9275
16 Brown, Marion Geechee Recollections 1973, Gf, Black, Quad! Mint Impulse as9252
17 Brown, Marion Three for Shepp Gf, Orange Mint Impulse a9139
18 Bruce, Vin Cajun Country 1972, Mint Swallow lp6015
19 Buckner, Milt/ Gene Redd The New World of… Mono, Dark Red, SmSpl Exc/M- Bethlehem bcp6072
20 Checkasin Quartet, Vladimir Nostalgia 1984, U.K. Mint Leo lr119
21 Cohen, Michael What Did You Expect 1973, Black, Booklet Mint Folkways fs8582
22 Coleman, Ornette Ornette at 12 1969, Gf, Red-Black Mint Impulse a9178
23 Coleman, Ornette Crisis 1972, Gf, Red-Black, RW Exc/M- Impulse as9187
24 Coleman, Ornette Shape of Jazz to Come Red-Green Mint Atlantic 1317
25 Coleman, Steve and 5 Elements World Expansion 1987, German, NH Mint JMT 870010
26 Coleman, Steve and 5 Elements On Edge of Tomorrow,C.Wilson 1986, Mint JMT 860005
27 Coltrane Quartet, John Crescent 1964, Gf, Mono, WLP!, WOL M-/M- Impulse a66
28 Coltrane Quartet, John Africa/Brass Gf, Mono, Orange Mint Impulse a6
29 Coltrane, Alice Reflection on Creation and Space 1973,2-lps,Gf,Black, RW VG+/M- Impulse as92322
30 Coltrane, John First Meditations (for Quartet) 1977, Green M-/Mint ABC as9332
31 Coltrane, John Infinity 1972, Gf, Red-Black * Mint ABC as9225
32 Coltrane, John Interstellar Space 1974, Gf, Blue * Mint MCA 29029
33 Coltrane, John Kulu se Mama Gf, Orange Mint Impulse a9106
34 Coltrane, John Stellar Regions-Unreleased-Unheard) 1995, Gf, LtdEd. Mint Impulse imp169
35 Coltrane, John Transition 1972, Gf, Red-Black, * M-/M- Impulse as9195
36 Coltrane, John Expression 1967, Gf, Orange M-/M- Impulse a9120
37 Coltrane, John Concert in Japan 1973, Gf, 2-lps, Black Mint Impulse as92462
38 Coltrane, John Ascension Gf, Red-Black M-/M- Impulse a95
39 Coltrane, John Ascension 1965, Gf, Mono, Orange Mint Impulse a95
40 Coltrane, John Africa Brass Sessions, V.2 1974, Gf, Black Mint Impulse as9273
41 Coltrane, John Coltrane Gf, Mono, Orange M-/M- Impulse a21
42 Coltrane, John SoulTrane Mint Prestige 7142
43 Coltrane, John Blue Train 1984, M-/Mint BlueNote bst81577
44 Coltrane, John Selflessness Feat. My Fav. Things 1963, Gf, Red-Black Mint Impulse as9161
45 Coltrane, John/ Alice Coltrane Cosmic Music 1969?, Gf, Red-Black Mint Impulse 9148
46 Cotton, Elizabeth Vol. 2 Shake Sugaree 1967, Black Mint Folkways fts31003
47 Coxhill, Lol Lid 1978, Italy M-/Mint Ictus 0011
48 Coxhill, Lol, A.Centazzo, G.Schiaffini Moot 1978, Italy Mint Ictus 0008
49 Dane, Barbara On My Way Mono, Black RB M-/M- Capitol t1758
50 Davis, Miles Plays Jazz Classics 1966, Hole, Mono, Dark Blue Mint Prestige pr7373
51 Doldinger Quartet, Klaus Dig 1963, Hole,Black RB,D.G. Mint Philips phm200-125
52 Ervin, Booker The Song Book U.K., Green Mint Prestige pr7318
53 Evans Trio, Bill Explorations Holland, Blue M-/M- Riverside 351
54 Feldman, Victor Plays Everything in Sight Gf Sealed PacJazz pj10121
55 Fitzgerald, Ella At the Opera House Black, Mono, Trumpet, D.G. M-/M- Verve mgv8264
56 Fitzgerald, Ella At the Opera House Mono, D.G. M-/M- Verve mgv8264
57 Getz, Stan In Stockholm 1981, Mono, Japan Audioph, Insert Mint Verve umv2614
58 Getz, Stan Sweet Rain 1987, Gf, Mono, D.G. Mint Verve v8693
59 Getz, Stan, Gary McFarland Big Band Bossa Nova 1962, Gf, Mono M-/M- Verve v8494
60 Gibb Quartet, Terry/ K. Burrell Take It From Me 1964, GF, Mono M-/M- Impulse a58
61 Gilberto, Astrud The A,. Gilberto Album 1965, Mono, Jobim SngStkr M-/M- Verve v8608
62 Gillespie, Dizzy/ Jimmy McPartland Hot Vs. Cool- Battle of Jazz Mono,Yellow Black, D.G. M-/M- MGM e3286
63 Gonzalez, Dennis Air Light (Sleep Sailor) 1979, Mint Daagnim 98-28
64 Gorme, Steve-Eydie w/ Gordon Jenkins ST: What It Was, Was Love 1967, Kraft Music Stkr Sealed RCAVic lsp4115
65 Green Quintet, Benny w/ J. Griffin Glidin' Along 1961, Black, D.G., SmSpl Exc/M- Jazzland 943
66 Green, Bennie w/ S. Clark, J. Forrest Bennie Green Gf, Red, D.G. M-/M- Time s/2021
67 Green, Grant Sunday Mornin' SW, Lib. U.A. Mint BlueNote 84099
68 Green, Grant Easy 1978, Gf Mint Versatile msg6002
69 Green, Grant/ Bobby Hutcherson Street of Dreams Liberty U.A. SRW M-/M- BlueNote bst84253
70 Hamilton Quintet, Chico Gongs East! 1959, WLP!, Mono, D.G., WOBC M-/M- WarBros 1271
71 Harris, Craig and Tailgater's Tales Blackout in Sq. Root of Soul 1988, German Mint JMT 880015
72 Harris, Craig and Tailgater's Tales Shelter 1987, German Mint JMT 870008
73 Hawkins, Coleman The Hawk Flies High 1957, Mono, Blue, D.G. Exc/Exc Riverside rlp12233
74 Hawkins, Coleman Wrapped Tight 1965, Gf, Red-Black Mint Impulse a87
75 Herborn, Peter/ K. Wheeler Acute Insights 1988, German Mint JMT 880017
76 Herman, Woody Songs for Hip Lovers Blue, Mono, D.G. Mint Verve mgv2069
77 Hill, Andrew, J. Henderson/ F. Hubbard One for One 1975, Hole, 2-lps, Gf M-/M- BlueNote
78 Jackson, Willis/T. Pitts/W.B. Jennings Star Bag 1968, Hole, Dark Blue Mint Prestige pr7571
79 James, Joni Give Us This Day Mono Sealed MGM e3528
80 Jazz Couriers feat. H. Hayes, R. Scott The Message fr. Britain 1959, Mono, Orange M-/M- Jazzland 34
81 Jazz Crusaders The Thing Blue, Mono M-/M- PacJaz pj87
82 Johnson, Big Jack The Oil Man 1987, Mint Earwig lps4910
83 Jones, Elvin/ Frank Foster Coalition 1970, Sw, Lib. U.A. Mint BlueNote bst84361
84 Jones, Etta Love Shout Hole, SW, Dark Blue Mint Prestige pr7272
85 King Guion and His Orch. Emotion , Inc. Mono, Black RB, D.G. Mint ABC 172
86 Kitaro Tunhuang 1983, German Mint Kuckuck 058
87 Kitaro Silk Road Suite 1983, 2-lps, German Mint DMM 065/066
88 Kitaro In Person Digital 1982, German Mint Kuckuck 054
89 Kondo, T/ H. Kaiser/ J. Oswald Moose and Salmon 1979, Canada Mint MGE 30
90 Kruger, Klaus Zwischenmischung 1982, German Mint IC rr9947
91 Larue, Michel Songs of the American Negro Slaves 1960, Mono, Booklet M-/M- Folkways fd5252
92 Lee, Julia Party Time Promo, Mono, Dark-Green M-/M- Capitol t228
93 Lester, Ketty I Saw Love 1984, CC, SW Mint Mega mlp1001
94 Levitt Orch., Rod Solid Ground 1966, D.G. Mint RCAVic lsp3448
95 London, Julie By Myself Black RB Mint Liberty SCR 1
96 London, Julie Julie Black, D.G. M-/M- Liberty lst7004
97 London, Julie Nice Girls Don't Stay for Breakfast Mono, Black RB, D.G. M-/M- Liberty lrp3493
98 Longet, Claudine Colours Sealed AM sp4163
99 Louisiana Red Sweet Blood Call-Blues Purity of… 1975, Sealed Bluelabor bl104
100 Lovano Quartet, Joe Tones, Shapes and Colors 1986, Italy M-/Mint SoulNote sn1132
101 Mayall, John The Blues Alone 1967, SW M-/M- London ps534
102 McDuff, Brother Jack/ D. Newman Double Barrelled Soul 1968, Blue-Green Mint Atlantic sd1498
103 McFarland, Gary Scorpio and other Signs Gf, Mono Sealed Verve v8738
104 McGriff, Jimmy Black and Blues 2-lps, Gf M-/M- GrvMerch gm2203
105 McRae, Carmen Birds of a Feather Mono, Black RB, D.G. Mint Decca dl8815
106 Metheny, Pat/ Ornette Coleman Song X 1986, SRW M-/M- Geffen ghs24096
107 Mitchell,Blue/Junior Cook Heads Up! SW, Liberty U.A. Mint BlueNote bst84272
108 Mitchell, Roscoe and Sound Ensemble Snurdy McGurdy -Her Dancin' Shoes 1980, M-/M- Nessa n20
109 Modern Jazz Quartet Blues at Carnegie Hall 1966, Gf, Mono, Red- Purple Mint Atlantic 1468
110 Modern Jazz Sextet (Gillespie,Stitt,Best) Self-titled Mono, Yellow, Trumpet, D.G. M-/M- Norgran mgn1076
111 Monk Quartet, Thelonious Sphere 1967, U.K. Mint Affinity aff20
112 Monk, Thelonious Always Know 1979, 2-lps, Gf, WLP!, SRW M-/Mint Columbia jg35720
113 Monk, Thelonious Criss-Cross Mono, Guar. Hi-Fi, SRW M-/M- Columbia cl2038
114 Monk, Thelonious Big Band and Quartet in Concert 1963, Mono, Guar-HiFi Mint Columbia cl2164
115 Monk, Thelonious Monk "360" Black M-/M- Columbia cs9091
116 Monk, Thelonious/ G. Mulligan Round Midnight 1982, Gf, 2-lps, Red Mint Milestone m47067
117 Montgomery Quartet, Wes Vibratin' Black M-/M- Riverside 9499
118 Montgomery, Wes Movin' Along 1960, Mono, Blue, SRW, D.G. M-/Mint Riverside 342
119 Moody, James Sax and Flute Man 1973, Mint Paula lps4003
120 Moore, Dudley ST: Bedazzled Black M-/M- London ms82009
121 Moses Quintet, Bob Family 1980, Promo Mint Sutra sus1003
122 Moses, Bob Bittersuite in the Ozone 1975, Mint Mozown mz001
123 Motian,P/ J. Lovano/ D. Redman Monk In Motian 1988, German Mint JMT 834421-1
124 Mouzon, Alphonse In Search of a Dream 1977, Holland Mint MPS 15520
125 Mtume, James ST: Native Son 1986, NH Sealed MCA 6198
126 Muhammad, Idris Foxhuntin' 1979, SRW M-/M- Fantasy f9581
127 Mulligan Qrt.G./L.Konitz/ C. Baker Qrt. Modern Jz Mulligan and Baker!` 1957, Mono, SRW M-/M- Jazztone j1253
128 Mulligan Quartet, Gerry What is There to Say? 1958, Mono, 6-Eye, D.G. Mint Columbia cl1307
129 Mulligan, Gerry/Stan Getz Mulligan Meets…Getz Mono M-/Mint Verve mgv8249
130 Mulligan,G/C.Baker/S.Rogers/Pepper Modern Sounds Mono, Dark Green, SRW M-/M- Capitol t691
131 Murray, David Ming's Samba 1989, SngStkr Mint Portrait or44432
132 Mwendo Dawa Self-titled 1981, Sweden Mint Dragon drlp30
133 Nelson Big Band, Oliver Live fr. Los Angeles 1967, Gf, Orange Mint Impulse a9153
134 Nelson, Oliver Stolen Moments 1975, CC Sealed IC ic6008
135 New York Saxophone Qrt. Jazz-Classical 1964, Mono Mint 20thCent. Tfm3150
136 Newborn Jr., Phineas and Trio Fabulous Phineas 1958, Mono, D.G., SRW M-/M- RCAVic lpm1873
137 Newborn, Phineas Phineas' Rainbow 1950's, Mono, Advance Copy, D.G. Mint RCAVic lpm1421
138 Nihilist Spasm Band Vol. 2 1979, Canada Mint MGE 13
139 O'Day, Anita At Mister Kelly's 1981, Japan Audioph, Lyr. Sht, OBI Mint Verve umv2550
140 Parker, Charlie Plays Cole Porter Early U.K., Mono M-/M- Columbia 33cx10090
141 Parker, Charlie Plays Cole Porter SW, Mono, Hole, Black Mint Verve mgv8007
142 Parker, Charlie and His Orch. Swedish Schnapps 1981, Mono, Japan Audioph Mint Verve umv2030
143 Peterson, O/ B. Powell/ A. Tatum Piano Interpretations Early U.K., Mono M-/M- Columbia 10024
144 Petrucciani, Michel Power of Three (feat. Hall/Shorter 1987, Mint BlueNote bt85133
145 Piaf, Edith But Not Forgotten Gf, Book, Black RB Mint Philips pcc622
146 Pike, Dave The Doors of Perception 1970, NH Mint Vortex 2007
147 Ponty, Jean-Luc/George Duke rio Live In Los Angeles 1969, U.K. M-/M- Sunset sls50232
148 Powell, Bud Scene Changes- The Amazing SW, Liberty-U.A. Mint BlueNote bst84009
149 Previn, Andre ST: Inside Daisy Clover SW, Gold Mint WarBros 1616
150 Priester, Julian/ Pepo Mtoto Love, Love 1974, German Mint ECM 1044st
151 Ramalho, Elba Fogo na Mistura 1985, Brazil Mint Barclay 8270561
152 Roach, Max, Buddy Rich Rich Versus Roach Black, Mono, D.G. M-/M- Mercury mg20448
153 Roane, Stephen Siblings 1980, WOL VG+/M- Labor lab2
154 Rugolo, Pete Percussion at Work 1957, Blue, Drummer, D.G. Mint Mercury mg36122
155 Russell, Hal NRG Ensemble 1981, Mint Nessa n21
156 Schoener, Eberhard Sky Music 1984, CC, German Mint Kuckuck 071
157 Scott, Tony and Orch. The Complete Tony Scott 1957, Mono, D.G. Mint RCAVic 1452
158 Seward, Alec/ B. McGhee/ S. Terry Late One Saturday Evening 1975, M-/M- Bluelabor bl103
159 Shepp, Archie Three For a Quarter…for a Dime Gf, Red-Black Mint Impulse as9162
160 Shepp, Archie Mama Too Tight Gf, Mono, Orange Mint Impulse a9134
161 Shepp, Archie The Way Ahead 1968, Gf, Red-Black Mint Impulse a9170
162 Shepp, Archie Things Have Got to Change 1971, Gf, Red-Black Mint Impulse as9212
163 Sims, Zoot Goes to Jazzville With… Mono,Black,D.G., SmSpl Exc/M- Dawn dlp1115
164 Smith, Jimmy (L. Morgan/ T, Brooks) The Sermon! Mono, W. 63rd, D.G. Exc/Exc BlueNote4011
165 Smith, Jimmy (L. Morgan/ T, Brooks) The Sermon! NY, USA, RW Exc/M- BlueNote 4011
166 Smith, Jimmy/ K. Burrell Home Cookin' Mono, NY-USA Mint BlueNote 4050
167 Sommers, Joanie w/ Laurindo Almeida Softly,the Brazilian Sound 1962, Gold M-/M- WarBros 1575
168 Sparks, Melvin Akilah! 1972, CC, RW VG+/Exc Prestige pr10039
169 Sun Ra The Magic City 1973, Gf Sealed Impulse as9243
170 Sun Ra Atlantis 1973, Gf, WLP! M-/Mint Impulse as9239
171 Sun Ra Angels and Demons at Play 1974, Hole, Gf, Black Mint Impulse as9245
172 Sun Ra Astro Black 1973, Hole, Black, Quad!, SRW M-/Mint Impulse as9255
173 Sun Ra Cosmos 1977, RW VG+/M- IC 1020
174 Sun Ra Nothing Is….. 1966, H. Bosch Poster, SRW M-/M- ESP 1045
175 Sun Ra and Arkestra jazz in Silhouette 1975, Gf, WLP! Mint ABC asd9265
176 Sun Ra and Arkestra Bad and Beautiful 1975, WLP! Mint ABC asd9276
177 Sun Ra Arkestra Reflections In Blue 1987, Italy Mint BlackSaint 1201011
178 Taylor Quartet, Cecil Air- Feat. Archie Shepp SW, Light Blue Mint Barnaby z30562
179 Taylor, Cecil Nefertiti,the Beautiful One has Come 1975, 2-lps, Gf, CC M-/M- Arista al1905
180 Terry, Sonny Robbin' the Grave 1974, Mint Bluelabor bl101
181 Terry, Sonny and Brownie McGhee Preachin' the Blues 1968, Blue, D.G, RW Exc/M- Folkways fts312024
182 Tjader, Cal Mambo Quintet Ritmo Caliente 1955, Mono, Red-Vinyl, D.G. M-/M- Fantasy f3-216
183 Tjader, Cal Mambo Quintet Plays Mambo Mono, Red Vinyl, D.G., Toc M-/M- Fanasy 3221
184 Tyler, Charles Saga of the Outlaws 1978, Mint Nessa n16
185 Tyner, McCoy Nights of Ballads and Blues 1963, Gf, Mono!, WLP! M-/M- Impulse a39
186 Ulmer, James Blood Are You Glad to be in America 1981, M-/M- AH 13
187 VA: Consolers,Gospel Keynotes,Sr. Pope New Single Releases fr. Nashboro 1978, Promo Sealed Nashboro s4
188 Veloso, Caetano Totalmente Demais 1986, Brasil M-/M- Philips 830145-1
189 Victor Koncept Self-titled 1980, CC Mint RRR 009
190 Waldron, Mal ST: Sweet Love, Bitter 1972,Gf,Red-Black, Hole Mint Impulse a9142
191 Webster, Ben See you at the Fair 1964, Gf, Mono, Orange M-/Mint Impulse a65
192 Wright, John Makin' Out 1961, Mono, 203 So. M-/M- Status prlp7212
S1 Anikulapo-Kuti, Fela Original Sufferhead 1981, U.K. M-/M- Arista spart 1177
S2 Aural Exciters Spooks in Space 1979, CC Mint Buddah zea 33-001
S3 Beastie Boys Liscensed to Ill 1986, Gf M-/M- Defjam fc40238
S4 Berlins, Max Worldwide Party 1979, France M-/M- Melodis 781-201
S5 Bootsy'S Rubber Band This Boot is Made for Fonk-n 1979, SngStkr, 8-page Comic Bk Mint WarBros bsk3295
S6 Brides of Funkenstein Never Buy Texas fr. A Cowboy 1979, M-/M- Atlantic sd19261
S7 Brown, James Everybody's Doin' the Hustle… 1975, M-/M- Polydor pd60554
S8 Brown, James Revolution of the Mind 1972, 2-lps, Gf M-/M- Polydor 94254
S9 Brown, James Get Up Offa That Thing 1976, M-/M- Polydor pd1 6071
S10 Brown, James Revolution of the Mind 1972?, 2-lps, Gf M-/M- Polydor pd3003
S11 Clinton, George and P-Funk Allstars TAPOAFOM 1996, 2-lps, Gf, Red Vinyl, CC Mint 550 Music b267144
S12 Collier, Mitty Shades of a Genius Mono, Black Exc/Exc Chess 1492
S13 Cooke, Sam Hits of the 50's 1960, Living Stereo Mint RCAVic lsp2236
S14 Cru Da Dirty 30 1997, Promo Mint Violator 314576131
S15 Davis, Copeland Totally Outrageous 1982, Mint GoldCst cmr 3737
S16 Doucet, Michael - Beau Soleil déjà vu 1990, SW Mint Swallow lp6080
S17 Exciters, The Caviar and Chitlins 1969, M-/M- RCAVic lsp4211
S18 Franklin, Aretha Legendary Queen of Soul 1981, 2-lps, Gf Sealed Columbia c237377
S19 Green, Al Back Up Train SW Mint HotLine hls1500s
S20 Hopkins, Linda Self-titled 1972, SW, NH M-/M- RCAVic lsp4756
S21 Hot Self-titled 1977, SngStkr Sealed BigTree bt89522
S22 Houston, Thelma Breakwaer Cat 1980, Promo Sealed RCA afl1-3500
S23 Humes, Anita w/ the Essex Young and Lively Orange M-/M- Roulette sr25246
S24 Hutch, Willie ST: The Mack 1973, Fold-Open Cvr, WLP! Exc/M- Motown m766L dj
S25 Isaacs, Gregory Night Nurse 1982, RW Exc/Exc Af.Mus.
S26 Jackson, Chuck Encore! Hole Mint Wand 655
S27 JB's Food For Thought SRW M-/M- People pe5601
S28 Johnson, Lou Sweet Southern Soul 1969, NH, SW Mint Cotillion sd9008
S29 Jones, Grace Warm Leatherette 1980, Promo, SRW M-/M- Island ilps9592
S30 Kasandra, John The True Genius 1972, SW Mint Respect tas 2604
S31 King, Ben E. Spanish Harlem Mono, Gray-Gold M-/M- Atco 33-133
S32 Kool Moe Dee How Ya Like me Now 1975, Mint Jive 10791j
S33 Lonzo and Wrld Class Wreckin Kru Turn off Lights in Fast Lane 1988, M-/M- Macola tk1001
S34 Lynn , Tami Love is Here and NowYou're Gone 1972, WLP!, SRW M-/M- Cotillion sd9052
S35 Main Ingredient Bitter 1972, Gf M-/M- RCAVic lsp4677
S36 Main Ingredient Euphrates River 1974, Gf, WOL M-/M- RCA apl1-0335
S37 Makaveli The Don Killuminati 1996, CC, 2-lps Mint DeathRow in2 90039
S38 Mandrill Mandrilland 1974, Gf, 2-lps, RW Exc/M- Polydor pd29002
S39 Mtume Kiss This World Goodbye 1978, Promo Mint Epic je35255
S40 Nite Flyte Self-titled 1979, M-/M- Ariola sw50060
S41 Orient Express A Desert Fantasy 1978, Canada M-/M- Polydor 2424192
S42 ORS Body to Body Boogie 1978, WLP!, SRW M-/M- Salsoul sa8522
S43 Parliament Chocolate City 1975, NH M-/M- Cblanca nblp 7014
S44 PM Dawn The Bliss Album 1993, 2-lps, Gf Mint GeeSt prlp67681
S45 Ray, Ricardo Jala Jala y Boogaloo SW, Venezuela, WOC M-/M- Tico lp7213
S46 Reed, Vivian Ready and Waiting 1979, M-/M- UnArts usla 970h
S47 Ross, Diana and Supremes Cream of the Crop 1969, SW Mint Motown ms694
S48 Ruffin, Jimmy Sings Top Ten 1966, SW, Mono Mint Soul 704
S49 Sabu Self-titled 1979, Gf, SRW M-/M- Ocean sw49902
S50 Senor Soul Plays Funky Favorites Mono, WOBC Exc/M- DoubleShot dsm 1004
S51 Smith, Leo Rastafari 1983, Mint Sack 3030
S52 Soul Survivors Take Another Look 1969, (1841) M-/M- Atco sd33277
S53 Summers, Bill and Summers Heat Seventeen 1982, Promo Mint MCA 5367
S54 T.H.P. Orchestra Early Riser 1976, NH, Canada Mint RCA kpl1-0154
S55 Temptations Do the Temptations 1976, NH, Canada Sealed Gordy g697551
S56 Trouble Funk In Times of Trouble 1983, SW, 2-lps, Gf Mint DETT dtlp 1002
S57 Undisputed Truth Higher Than High 1975, Canada Mint Motown g972vi
S58 Wesley, Fred and the J.B.'s Exorcist Damn Right I Am Somebody 1974, M-/M- People pe6602
S59 Wild Style! Instrumental Beats 1998, U.K. M-/M- Bego 12002
S60 Womack, Bobby Facts of Life 1973, CC, Poster Mint UnArts ua-la043f
S61 Wonder, Stevie Stevie at the Beach 1964, Hole, SW, Mono, Globes Mint Tamla 255
S62 Wynne, Philippe (Spinners) Starting All over 1977, Sealed Cotillion sd9920