RW-Ring Wear, WOBC-Writing on Back Cover, SW –Shrink Wrap, WOC – Writing on Cover, WOL-Writing on Label, TOC- Tape on Cover, SmSpl-Seam Split, GF-Gatefold,WLP- White Label Promo, SRW-Slight Ring Wear, RB-Rainbow- Black , CC-Cut Corner, NH-Notch, SOC-Stamp on Cover, Earmark


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1 3 Sounds Out of this World NY- USA Mint BlueNote 84197
2 3 Sounds Hey There' Mono, NY- USA M-/M- BlueNote 4102
3 3 Sounds Moods Mono, 47th W. 63rd, D.G. Exc/Exc BlueNote 4044
4 3 Sounds Bottoms Up! Mono, W. 63rd, D.G. M-/Exc BlueNote 4014
5 Abdullah Life's Force 1979, M-/M- Aboutime at1001
6 African Head Charge Akwaaba 1995, U.K. Mint AcidJz jazid129lp
7 Afrikan Dremland Jah Message 1981, Audiographed! M-/M- AYO 121880
8 Alexandria, Lorez w/M. Wofford Qt. Sings Songs of Johnny Mercer V.1 1981, Mint Disc. Ds826
9 Allison, Luther Luther's Blues 1974, WLP!, SngStkr M-/M- Gordy g967v1DJ
10 Almeida, Laurindo/ Irene Kral Guitar From Ipanema Black RB M-/M- Capitol st2197
11 Ammons, Gene/A. Farmer/ L.Donaldson Hi Fid. Modern Jazz Jam Sess. 10" Mono, SmSpl Exc/M- Prestige lp211
12 Ayler, Albert Volume 1 Gf, France Mint Water 501
13 Ayler, Albert Volume 2 Gf, France? Mint Shandar 10004
14 Basie, Count with Joe Newman And the Boys in the Band SW, Japan Audioph, Mono, OBI Mint Trio pa3114m
15 Bloom, Jane Ira/ Fred Hersch As One 1985, German Mint JMT 850003
16 Blue Note Christmas Yule Sruttin' 1990, Mint BlueNote 1p8119
17 Blythe, Arthur In the Tradition 1979, WLP! Mint Columbia jc36300
18 Blythe, Arthur Blythe Spirit 1981, Mint Columbia fc37427
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21 Bourelly,Jean-Paul/ J. Hemphill Jungle Cowboy 1987, German Mint JMT870009
22 Bowie,Lester w/ Hemphill/McBee/ Hicks Hello Dolly 1987, WLP! Mint Muse mr5337
23 Bown, Patti Plays Big Piano Mono, 6-Eye, D.G., TOC Exc/M- Columbia cl1379
24 Braff, Ruby and His Men… Easy Now 1959, Living Stereo!,D.G. M-/M- RVAVic lsp1966
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26 Breau, Lenny Self-titled 1979, Gf, Direct-Disk, Audioph Mint DD 112
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30 Brown Qrt., Marion La Placita-Live in Willisau 1979, WLP! M-/M- Timless ti314
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32 Brubeck Qrt., Dave Time Out Mono, 6-Eye M-/M- Columbia cl1397
33 Brubeck Qrt., Dave w/ Bill Smith The Riddle Mono, 6-Eye, D.G. M-/Mint Columbia cl1454
34 Brubeck, D./ P. Desmond/ Van Kriedt Reunion Mono, Maroon, D.G. Mint Fanasy 3268
35 Brubeck, Dave La Fiesta de la Posada 1980, Audioph 1/2 Speed Mint CBS Mstrwrks 36662
36 Brubeck, Dave/ Paul Desmond Two Kinghts at the Blackhawk Mono, Maroon, D.G. Mint Fantasy 3298
37 Brubeck, Dave/ Paul Desmond Gates of Justice 1970, Gf Mint Decca dl710175
38 Budimir, Dennis The Creeper Blue Exc/M- Mnstream s/6059
39 Bugger All Stars Bonzo Bites Back 1983, U.K. Mint Bead 21
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41 Burke, Vinnie/ K. Burrell String Jazz Quartet Mono, Black RB, D.G. M-/M- ABCPara170
42 Burrell, Kenny Guitar Forms 1981, GF, Japan Audioph Mint Verve umv2070
43 Burrell, Kenny (Herbie Hancock) Blues The Common Ground 1968, Mint Verve v6 8746
44 Burton Qrt., Gary/ L. Coryell Duster 1967, D.G. Mint RCAVic lsp3835
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46 Butler, Henry The Village 1987, 2-lps, Gf, Audiophile Mint MCAImp mca28023
47 Byard Trio Jaki Sunshine of My Soul 1968, Dark Blue, RW Exc/M- Prestige pr7550
48 Byard, Jaki Out Front! 1965, Mono, Dark-Blue Exc/M- Prestige pr7397
49 Byard, Jaki/ Junior Parker Freedom Together 1966, Dark Blue, SRW Exc/M- Prestige pr7463
50 Citroen, Soesja Shall We Dance or Keep on Moping 1987, CC, Holland Mint Timeless jc11007
51 Coleman Group, Steve Motherland Pulse 1985, German, CC Mint JMT 850001
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53 Colon, Willie / Ismael Miranda Doble Energia 1980, Sealed Fania jm559
54 Coltrane, John Blue Train W. 63rd , Mono, D.G. M-/VG BlueNote 1577
55 Coltrane, John feat. P. Sanders Live in Seattle 1972, 2-lps, Gf, Red-Black, RW Exc/M- Impulse as92022
56 Cooke, Sam with Soul Stirrers The Gospel Soul of….. Vol 1 1972, SW, Mono Mint Speciality sps2116
57 Cooper, Jerome Unpredictability of Predictability 1979, CC, WOC, WOL M-/M- Aboutime at1002
58 Corbin, Harold Soul Broher Mono, White, D.G. M-/M- Roulette r52079
59 Cunimondo Trio, Frank Introducing Lynn Marino Autographed by Lnnn Marino, RW Exc/M- Mondo M103
60 DaCosta, Rita Meets the Cedar Walton Trio 1976, Mint Finite fin19763
61 Dalseth, Laila Just Friends 1975, Norway M-/M- EMO e06238217
62 Dandridge, Vivian The Look of Love Black RB Mint Jubilee jgs8017
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64 Dardanelle Trio (Tal Farlow) Gold Braid 1983, Mono Mint Audiophile ap32
65 Davani Four, Dave Fused! 1965, U.K., Mono, Torn Cvr VG/M- Parlophone pmc1258
66 Davis, Nathan Faces of Love 1982, SW Mint TomInt.51283
67 Davis, Nathan If 1976, SRW (MINIMUM BID $ 200) M-/Mint TomInt tmi1001
68 Day, Cora Lee My Crying Hour 1958, White, D.G. M-/Mint Roulette sr52048
69 Drew, Patti I've been Here All the Time Black R.B. M-/M- Capitol st156
70 Evans, Gil The Individualism of… 1964, Gf, Mono Mint Verve v8555
71 Foster, Ronnie Sweet Revival 1973, CC, SW Mint Bnote bnla098f
72 Ganimian and His Oriental Music Come With Me to the Casbah Harp, D.G. M-/M- Atco 33-107
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74 Glass, Philip Solo Music 1975, France Mint Shandar 83515
75 Hall, Jim In Berlin-It's Nice to Be….You 1972, Gf Mint Basf 20708
76 Hallelujahs Self-titled 1997, Japan Audioph, OBI, Clear Vinyl Mint Rover rov 001
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80 Hawes, Hampton At the Piano 1978, Sealed Contemp s7637
81 Hodes' Hot Five, Art Hot Jazz at Blue Note Mono, 10" inch, D.G. M-/M- BlueNote lp7005
82 Hubbard, Freddie (Herbie Hancock) Hup-Tones Mono, NY- USA M-/M- BlueNote 4115
83 Ibrahim, Abdullah Ekaya 1983, Mint Ekapa-005
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87 Jubilators, The Togetherness Black M-/M- Veep vps16527
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89 Kenney, Beverly w/ R.Burns Orch Come Swing With Me Spain, Mono Mint RoyalRst fsr560
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93 Kings In Exile Music from Ancient Texts 1981, M-/M- Daagnim 03
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101 Konitz, Lee Stereokonitz 1968, Gf, France Mint RCA pl31257
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103 Konitz, Lee Chicago 'n All that Jazz! 1975, Gf, NH Sealed GM 3306
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106 Konitz, lee and Red Mitchell I Concentrate on You -Trib. C. Porter 1974, Denmark Mint StChase scs1018
107 Kral, Irene/ Al Cohn Steveireneo! 1959, Mono, WLP! Mint UnArts ual3052
108 Kral, Jackie and Roy Like Sing Songs by D. & A. Previn 1963, '360' Black M-/M- Columbia cs8734
109 Krog, Karin/Archie Shepp Hi-Fly 1976, U.K. Mint Compen fidardo 2
110 Krog, Karin/ Bengt Hallbergt Two of a Kind 1982, Sweden Mint 4Leaf flc5063
111 Kuhn, Joachim Distance 1984, German Mint CMP 26
112 Lamb, Natalie and Sammy Price And the Blues 1980, Mint GHB 84
113 Lambe, Jeanie w/ D. Moss Qrt. The Midnight Sun 1984, U.K. Mint Zodiac zr1023
114 Lambe, Jeanie/ U.K. Allstars Blues and All That Jazz 1982, U.K. Mint Zodiac zr1019
115 Last Exit-Bill Laswell/S.Sharrock Iron Path 1988, Promo, NH Mint Virgin 91015
116 Laswell, Bill Hear No Evil 1988, Insert Mint Venturestvr886761
117 Lee, Peggy Pretty Eyes Black RB Mint Capitol st1401
118 Leviev Qrt, Milcho w/ Art Pepper True Blues 1981, U.K. Mint MoleJz mile5
119 Lewis Trio, Ramsey Niver on Sunday 1961, Dark Blue, D.G. M-/M- Argo lps686
120 Madigan, Betty "Am I Blue?" Mono, Yellow, D.G. Mint MGM e3448
121 Mathews, Ronnie/ Ricky Ford Legacy 1980, Sealed Beehive bh7011
122 Maye, Marilyn Second of Maye- Live fr. Living Rm 1966, SW, Mono, D.G. Mint RCAVic lpm3546
123 McCall, Mary Ann Melancholy Baby Maroon, D.G. M-/M- Coral crl 757276
124 Miller, Phil/ Hugh Hopper/Elton Dean Cutting Both Ways 1988, France, Insert Mint Cuneiform rune11
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126 Mingus Orch., Charles w/E. Dolphy 1964, Fables of Faubus Vol. 2 1964, Sw, Italy Mint Ingo thirteen
127 Mingus Orch., Charles/ Eric Dolphy 1964, Hope so Eric Vol. 1 1964, Italy, SW Mint Ingo ten
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129 Mingus, Charles/ E. Dolphy/ J. Byard Live in Paris 1964 Vol 2 1988, France! Sealed FC 110
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131 Mingus, Charles/E. Dolphy/ C. Jordan Townhall Concert European Tour '64 Mint JWS 005
132 Mingus, Charlie/ D. Gordon/ C. Parker Broadcasts 1963, Sw Mint JforJz jfj802
133 Mitchell Qrt., Roscoe w/ Muhal Richard Abrams etc Canada M-/M- Sackville 2009
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135 Mitchell, Roscoe Solo Saxophone Concerts 1974, M-/M- Sackville 2006
136 Mobley, Hank A Slice of the Top 1979, Hole, Man. By Lib. U.A. M-/M- BlueNote lt995
137 Morgan, Dick At the Showboat 1960, Hole, Black, D.G. M-/M- Riverside 1183
138 Mouzon, Alphonse/ H. Hancock Morning Sun M-/M- PAUSA 7107
139 Mulligan Sextet, Gerry Mainstream Vol. 2 1984, Japan Audiph, Mono, OBI Mint EmArcy 195j35m
140 Murray, Sunny Self-titled 1968, Gf, France Mint Shandar sr10008
141 Navarro, Fats Fabulous Fats Navarro Vol. 2 1985, Audioph, OBI Mint Bnote 81532
142 Navarro, Fats Fabulous …..Vol. 1 1984, France Audioph, OBI, w/Pstr Mint Bnote 81531
143 Newborn Jr., Phineas Jam Blues 1990, SW, Japan Audoph, OBI Mint PaddleWhl 22or50511
144 Newborn Jr., Phineas Phineas is Genius 1978, Japan Audioph, OBI Mint Philips rj7420
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146 Newman, David 'Fathead' Ray Charles Presents…. Green, D.G. M-/M- Atlantic sd1304
147 Newman, Joe Similar Souls 2-lps, Gf, U.K. Mint Vogue vjd563
148 Olatunji More Drums of Passion Mono, '360' White Mint/Sld Columbia cl2507
149 Orquesta Hermanos Flores Self-titled 1975, El Salvador M-/M- Dicesa dic/s 1097
150 Osby, Greg/ Geri Allen Mindgames 1988, German Mint JMT 8344221
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152 Pearson, Duke Prairie Dog 1966, Sw, Mono, Red-Purple M-/M- Atlantic 3005
153 Port of Harlem Jazzmen Complete Recordings of.. Gf,Mono, Audioph Mint Mosaic mr1-108
154 Puente, Tito Mucho Cha-Cha 1959, Mono, D.G. M-/M- RCAVic lpm2113
155 Pullen, Don Solo Piano Album 1975, Mint Sackville 3008
156 Roberts, Hank/B.Frisell/T.Berne Black Pastels 1988, German Mint JMT 8344161
157 Robertson Brass Ensemble Shades of Bud Powell 1988, German Mint JMT 8344201
158 Rollins, Sonny/ T. Monk Volume 2 Mono, NY- USA, CC, Earmark Exc/Exc BlueNote 1558
159 Roy, Badal Passing Dreams 1976, Mint Adamo ads9501
160 Salem Travelers Wait on the Lord 1974, WLP!, SRW M-/M- ABCPeacock plp59214
161 Sebesky, Don The Rape of El Morro 1975, CC, Gf Mint CTI 6061s1
162 Shaw, Kim and Marion Cowings Inside 1984, CC Mint GG 802
163 Shepp, Archie Attica Blues 1972, Gf, Red- Black M-/M- Impulse as9222
164 Shepp, Archie Live in San Francisco 1966, Gf, Orange M-/Exc Impulse a9118
165 Shepp, Archie Fire Music Gf, NH, Green Mint Impulse a86
166 Shepp, Archie For Losers 1970, Gf, Hole, Red- Black, RW Exc/M- Impulse as9188
167 Shepp, Archie On This Night Gf, Red-Black M-/M- Impulse a97
168 Shepp, Archie I Know About the Life 1981, CC, Canada Mint Sackville 3026
169 Simone, Nina Gifted and Black Black M-/M- Canyon 7705
170 Smith, Jimmy (L. Shcifrin) The Cat 1964, Gf, Mono Mint Verve v8587
171 Sparks, Melvin Sparks! 1970, Purple, SRW M-/M- Prestige pr10001
172 Spencer Jr. Leon Sneak Preview! 1971, Purple M-/M- Prestige pr10011
173 Stadler, Heiner Jazz Alchemy 1876, Insert Mint Labor lrs7006
174 Streisand, Barbra Color Me Barbra SW, Rare Red Vinyl Promo Only, Insrt Mint Columbia cs9278
175 Threadgill Sextet, Henry Just the Facts Pass the Bucket 1983, CC Mint AboutTime at1005
176 Threadgill Sextet, Henry When Was That? 1982, Mint AboutTime at1004
177 Three Sounds w. O. Nelson Orch. Coldwater Flat Gf, Div. U.A., CC M-/M- BlueNote bst84285
178 Tucker, Mickey/ Junior Cook The Crawl 1980, WLP! Mint Muse mr5223
179 Turrentine, Stanley LA Place 1989, Mint BlueNote b190261
180 Turrentine, Stanley/ K. Burrell, S.Scott Hustlin' NY- USA M-/M- BlueNote 84162
181 Turrentine, Stanley/ S. Scott Never Let Me Go NY, USA M-/Exc BlueNote 84129
182 Tyner, McCoy Cosmos (Unreleased w/Bartz/Vick 1976, 2-lps, Gf Mint BlueNote bnla460h2
183 Tyner, McCoy and Jackie McLean It's About Time 1985, Mint BlueNote bt85102
184 Tyner, McCoy/ J. Henderson/Carter The Real McCoy 1987, Mint BlueNote 84264
185 US 3 Hand on the Torch Hole, SngStkr Mint BlueNote b180883
186 VA: Bryd, J. McDuff, E. Jones Chips and Cheers 2000, 2-lps, European Mint B.Note 724352441914
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189 VA: D. Byrd, G. Green, L. Donaldson Droppin Science 2008, 2-lps, Gf Mint B.N. 5099951440213
190 VA: Dilla, J, Madlib,DJ Spinna Blue Note Revisited-Hip Hop Jz 2004, 2-lps, Gf Mint BlueNote bte90266
191 VA: G. Green, D. Byrd, C. Adderley The New Groove- Remix Project 1996, 2-lps, Gf Mint BlueNote 36594
192 VA: G. Green, J. McLean, L. Donaldson Blue Break Beats Vol. 3 1996, 2-lps M-/M- BlueNote 854360-1
193 VA: G. Green, T. Monk, J. Patton Striaight No Chaser 1994, 2-lps Mint B.N. b1724382826316
194 Vick, Harold, B. Mitchell, G. Green Steppin' Out! Mono, NY-USA, Earmark Exc/Exc BlueNote 4138
195 Vreeswijk, Cornelis Jazz Incorporated 1980, Sweden? Mint 4Leaf flc5046
196 Waldon Trio, Cedar/ Clifford Jordan Night at Boomers, V. 2 1973, Blue Mint Muse mr5022
197 Waldon Trio, Cedar/ Clifford Jordan Night at Boomers, V. 1 1973, Blue Mint Muse mr5010
198 Waldon, Mal ST: Sweet Love, Bitter Gf, WLP!, Mono Mint Impulse a9142
199 Walker, Philip Someday You'll Have These Blues 1977, SngStkr Mint Alligator al4715
200 Wallace, Bennie, D. Holland/ E. Jones Big Jim's Tango Sw, German Mint Enja 4046
201 Wallington Qrt.,G/ P. Woods/ D. Byrd Jazz for the Carriage Trade 1976, Japan Audioph, Mono, OBI Mint Prestige lp7032
202 Wallington Qnt., George The Prestidigitator Japan Audioph, Mono, Lyric Sht, OBI Mint Atlantic p-6140a
203 Wallington Qnt., George/ J. McClean At the Bohemia Japan Audioph, Mono, Lyric Sht, OBI Mint Overseas uls1860v
204 Wallington Trio, George Workshop of …and E. Costa Trio Japan Audioph, Mono, OBI, Lyric Sht Mint Verve mv2539
205 Wallington, G/ Sulieman/P. Woods Leonard Feather Presents BOP Japan Audioph, Mono, Lyric Sht Mint Polydor mp2333
206 Wallintgon, G/ P. Woods/ D. Byrd The New York Scene Japan Audioph, Mono, OBI, Lyric Sht Mint Pres.N.Jz 8207
207 Wettling, George/ Bobby Hackett Jazz Session 1980, Mono, Japan Audioph, Lyric Sht Mint CBS 20ap1817
208 Whittle, Tommy/ Alan Barnes Straight Eight 1986, U.K. Mint MM 001
209 Wilen Qrt., Barney Self-titled Japan Audioph, Mono, OBI Mint Vogue yx4064
210 Wilen, Barney/ D. Dorham/ D. Jordan Barney Wilen 1981, Japan Audioph, OBI, Insert Mint RCA rjl2525m
211 Wilkerson, Don/ Grant Green Shoutin'! Japan Audioph, Insert Mint BlueNote 84145
212 Wilkerson, Don/G.Green/S. Clark Preach Brother! Mono, NY- USA M-/Exc BlueNote 4107
213 Williams, Anthony /S.Rivers/Hancock Life Time NY, USA, SRW M-/M- BlueNote 84180
214 Williams, Mary Lou/J. Hipp/ B. Booker First Ladies of Jazz 1989, Sealed SavoyJz sjl1202
215 Williams, Tony Civilization 1987, Mint BlueNote bt85138
216 Wilson, Cassandra Blue Skies 1988, NH, German Mint JMT 834419-1
217 Wilson, Cassandra Point of View 1986, German Mint JMT 860004
218 Wilson, Cassandra Jump World 1990, German Mint JMT 8344341
219 Wilson, Cassandra/ Olu Dara Days Aweigh 1987, German Mint JMT 870012
220 Winding, Kai/ Herbie Hancock Dirty Dog 1966, M-/M- Verve v68661
221 Woods, Phil European Tour Live 1981, italy Mint VPA 163
222 Young, Larry, S. Rivers, G. Green Into Somethin' 1983, Japan Audioph, Insert Mint BlueNote 84187
s1 Adele 21 2011, SngStkr Sealed XLRcrd 88697446991
s2 Bone Thugs-n- Harmony Thug World Order 2002, 2-lps, Promo Mint Ruthless e2 86594
s3 Brown, Chuck and Soul Searchers Bustin' Loose 1979, SW Mint Source sor 3076
s4 Brown, James Soul Classics 1972, Gold Mint Polydor sc5401
s5 Brown, James Revolution of the Mind 1972, Gf, 2-lps Mint Polydor sobo94254
s6 Charles, Ray At Newport Mono, Red Purple, WOC M-/M- Atlantic 1289
s7 Dixie Cups Chapel of Love 1964, Mono M-/M- RedBird rbs20-100
s8 Dungills, The Africa Calling Black RB M-/M- VeeJay lp1061
s9 Funkadelic Greatest Hits 1975, CC, SW Mint Westbnd wb1004
s10 Green, Al Let's Stay Together 1972, SW, Import-Columbia, WOBC M-/M- London shl32070
s11 Hendrix, Jimi/ J.Brown/ B. Miles Los Tres Grandes del Black Power 1973, Mexico M-/M- Karussell 12005
s12 Instant Funk Witch Doctor 1977, 2-lps, Special Disco Pkg M-/M- Salsoul sa8529
s13 Isaacs, Gregory Lonely Lover Jamaica, Mono? M-/M- AfricanMus afm2652
s14 Isley Brothers Doin' Their Thing 1969, CC Mint Tamla ts287
s15 Jay-Z The Blueprint 3 2009, 2-lps, Insert Mint RocNat. 5208561
s16 King, Ben E. Don't Play That Song! 1962, Mono, Gray-Gold M-/M- Atco 33-142
s17 Knight, Gladys and the Pips Letter Full of Tears Mono, SmSpl Exc/M- Fury fulp1003
s18 Latimore More, More- Let's Straighten it out 1974, M-/VG+ Glades 6503
s19 Living Colour Vivid 1988, SW, SngStkr Mint Epic bfe44099
s20 Main Ingredient Pres. Main Squeeze by… 1974, SW, Burger King Promo M-/M- RCA dpl1-0093
s21 Main Ingredient Greatest Hits 1973, SW Mint RCA apl1-0314
s22 Marcels, The Blue Moon 1961,SW,Mono,Orig. Gold! (MINIMUM BID IS $150.00) M-/M- Colpix cp416
s23 Morrison, Dorothy Brand New Day 1970, Gf, Promo M-/M- Buddah bds5067
s24 Moses, Pablo A Song Jamaica M-/M- HouseMoses
s25 New Age Steppers Action Battlefield 1981, France Mint Statik stat lp2
s26 Purify Brothers James and Bobby 1977, M-/M- Mercury srm11134
s27 Puthli, Asha Self-titled 1973, U.K. Mint Columbia 56804
s28 Ranglin, Ernest Boss Reggae Jamaica M-/M- Steady s106
s29 Ransome-Kuti, Fela, Africa '70,G. Baker Live 1971, SW, U.K. Mint Makossa m2400
s30 Redding, Otis History of… 1967, Gf, Yellow M-/M- Volt s418
s31 Royalettes, The It's Gonna Take a Miracle SW,Hole,Mono, SngStkr Mint MGM e4332
s32 Scott-Heron, Gil and Brian Jackson Secrets 1978, SW Mint RCA ab4189
s33 Soul Finders Sweet Soul Music 1967, SW Mint Camden cas2170
s34 Stone, Sly Seventh Son 63/67 2002, German, Insert Mint VampSoul 003
s35 Taylor, Johnnie Wanted One Soul Singer 1967, SW, Hole, Mono Mint Stax 715
s36 Tex, Joe I've Got to do a Little Bit Better 1966, SW, Mono, SngStkr Mint Atlantic 8133
s37 Tex, Joe The New Boss 1966, SW, Mono Mint Atlantic 8115
s38 Turner, Ike and Kings of Rhythm A Black Man's Soul 1969, SW, White Label M-/M- Pompeii sd6003
s39 Tymes, The People "360" White M-/M- Columbia cs9778
s40 VA: RZA, Boozoo Bajou, Kid Koala Impulsive! 2005, 2-lps, Mint Impulse b000547701
s41 Withers, Bill Still Bill 1972, Fold-Open Cover M-/M- Sussex sxbs7014