RW-Ring Wear, WOBC-Writing on Back Cover, SW –Shrink Wrap, WOC – Writing on Cover, WOL-Writing on Label, TOC- Tape on Cover, SmSpl-Seam Split, GF-Gatefold,WLP- White Label Promo, SRW-Slight Ring Wear, RB-Rainbow- Black , CC-Cut Corner, NH-Notch, SOC-Stamp on Cover, Earmark


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83 London, Julie Our Fair Lady Mono, Black RB Mint Liberty lrp3392
84 London, Julie Swing Me An Old Song Mono, Dark Green M-/M- Liberty lrp3119
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110 Mulligan, Gerry and His Sextet Mainstream of Jazz 1984, Japan Audioph, Mono, NH Mint EmArcy mg36101
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113 Mulligan, Gerry/ Tommy Flanagan Jeru 360', Black Mint Columbia cs8732
114 New Herd Plays for C. Mingus- So Long Charles 1979, Japan Audioph Mint Denon yx7594nd
115 Norvo, Red The Jazz Pickers Black, D.G. M-/M- Mercury sr60126
116 Nyman, Michael Self-titled 1982, U.K. Mint Sheet 1
117 Osby, Greg and Sound Theatre Self-titled 1987, German Mint JMT 870011
118 Panta Rei Listen to the Wind 1983, Sweden Mint SJ 1099
119 Parker, Charlie Bird's Eyes Last Unissued V. 6 1990, Italy Sealed Philology 214w29
120 Reinhardt, Django Self-titled 1955, Mono, D.G. M-/M- RCAVic lpm1100
121 Roach, Max/ Connie Crothers Swish 1982, M-/M- NewArtists na1001
122 Sabicas with Joe Beck Rock Encounter Hole, SRW M-/M- Polydor 244026
123 Sanders,P/ M. Tyner/ C. McBee Trib. to J. Coltrane-Blues for Coltrane 1988, Promo Mint MCA a42122
124 Sauter, Jimmy/ Don Dietrich Bells Together 1985, Insert Mint Agaric 1985
125 Scott Trio, Ernie …In Concert 1970, SW Mint Media med1000
126 Seigen, Ono Seigen 1986, U.K. Mint PanEast newlp100
127 Sims, Zoot/ Candido/ Jimmy Raney Jazz Scene at ABC Paramount Mono, Black, D.G. M-/M- ABCPrmnt abcj1
128 Smith, Jimmy w/L.Morgan,T. Brooks The Sermon! NY USA, RW Exc/M- BlueNote 4011
129 Smith, Paul/Piano and Orch. Brazilian Detour Mono, Gold M-/M- WarBros 1626
130 Smith, Willie and Luckey Roberts Luckey and the Lion- Harlem Pianao 1958, Mono, D.G. Mint Goodtime m12035
131 Sounds of Synanon/ Choir The Prince of Peace Yellow, RW Exc/M- Epic bn26475
132 Spann, Otis/ Muddy Waters Heart Loaded w. Trouble 1973, WLP! Mint Bluesway bls6063
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134 Stitt, Sonny Tornado Orange, RW VG+/M- JzMstrs jm1003
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141 Suzuki Trio/ Qrt., Isao Blow Up 1973,1st Pr,Japan Audiph, OBI,Booklt Mint 3BlndMice tbm15
142 Symphony Jazz Quintet Self-titled Mint Liben cfs2754
143 Tabackin, Lew/Miyama-New Herd Vintage Tenor 1978, Gf, Japan Audioph, OBI Mint RCA rdce11
144 Tampa Red/ Blind John Davis Voume 1, Bluebird n11 France,Mono Mint RCA pm42029
145 Tapscott Qnt, Horace The Giant is Awakened 1969, Gf M-/M- FlyDutch fds107
146 Tatum, Art The Genius of …. #7 Mono, Black, D.G. Exc/Exc Verve mgv8056
147 Tatum, Art The Genius of …. #10 Black, Mono, D.G. Exc/Exc Verve mgv8059
148 Tatum, Art The Genius of …..#8 Mono, Black, D.G. Exc/Exc Verve mgv8057
149 Tchicai Trio, John Real Tchicai 1977, Denmark Mint StChase scs1075
150 Tchicai,John/ Pierre Dorge Ball at Louisiana 1983, Denmark Mint StChase scs1174
151 Thelin, Eje, Jouck Minor,Pierre Favre Candles of Vision 1972, German Mint Calig cal30609
152 Thomas, Gary and 7th Quadrant By Any Means Necessary 1989, Europe Mint JMT 8344321
153 Thomas, Joe Masada 1975, Gf, NH Sealed GM 3310
154 Thorton, Clifford-New Art Ens. Freedom and Unity Vol. 1 1969, France Mint Goodygy30001
155 Threadgill Sextett, Henry You Know the Number 1987, Audiophile Mint Novus 30131n
156 Threadgill Sextett, Henry Rag, Bush and All 1989, Mint Novus 30521n
157 Threadgill Sextett, Henry Subject to Change 1985, Mint AboutTimeat1007
158 Threadgill, Henry Easily Slip into Another World 1988, NH Mint Novus 30251nb
159 Timmons Trio, Bobby In Person 1961, Black, D.G. M-/M- Riverside 9391
160 Timmons, Bobby The Soulman! 1966, Dark Blue M-/M- Prestige pr7465
161 Timmons, Bobby Chicken and Dumplin's 1965, Dark Blue M-/M- Prestige pr7429
162 Tjader, Cal Plugs In 1969, Gf, NH Mint Skye sk10
163 TNT Orchestra Together the…. 1977, SRW Exc/M- Disco diglp1001
164 Tristano Qrt., Lennie/ L. Konitz Prevf. Unreleased Recording 1981, Gf, 2-lps Mint Atlantic sd27006
165 Tristano, Lennie The New Tristano Mono, Red-Purple M-/M- Atlantic 1357
166 Tristano, Lennie Descent into the Maelstrom 1978, Mint EastWind ic6002
167 Trovajoli, Armando ST: I Lunghi Giorni della Vendetta 1985, Italy Mint IMGM 003
168 Turrentine, Stanley Jubilee Shout!!! 1986, Mint Bnote 84122
169 Tyner, McCoy Revelations 1989, Mint Bnote b191651
170 Tyner, McCoy/B. Hutchinson Time for Tyner 1969, Div. of UA M-/M- Bnote bst84307
171 Ulmer, James Blook America Do You Remember the Love? 1987, Mint BNote bt85136
172 Vaughan,Sarah/Pope John Paull II The Planet is Alive..Let it Live! 1985, Gf Sealed Jzletter jlr1
173 Walker and Kays Live Sealed ?
174 Walker, T-Bone Classics of Modern Blues 1975, 2-lps, Gf Sealed BNote bnla533h2
175 Wallington, George and Band Hank Mobley Quartet 1988, Mono, Japan Audioph, OBI Mint BlueNote 5066
176 Walrath, Jack Master of Suspense 1987, NH M-/M- BNoteblj46905
177 Walton, Cedar Pit Inn 1974,SW,Japan Audioph, Insert,OBI Mint EastWind ew7009
178 Warren, Guy and Talking Drums African Rhythms Mono, Pink Promo M-/M- Decca dl4243
179 Washington, Tyrone/ W. Shaw Natural Essence Lib. U.A. Mint BlueNote bst84274
180 Watanabe, Sadao Meets Sharps and Flats 1973, Japan Audioph Mint RCA rgp1147
181 Watanabe, Sadao , Hank Jones I'm Old Fashioned w/ Great Jazz Trio 1976, Japan Audioph,SW Mint EastWind ew8037
182 Watanabe, Sadao/ Cedar Walton at "Pit Inn" 1975, Japan Audioph, Insert Mint CBS/Sony sopn113
183 Waters, M, J. Cotton, PT Perkins Hard Again 1977, Mint BlueSky pz34449
184 Waters, Muddy King Bee 1981, Mint BlueSky pz37064
185 Watkins Sextet, Julius Blue Note 10" inch lp Collection Mono, Japan Audioph, Insert, OBI Mint BlueNote k18p9273
186 Watrous Qnt, Bill, Art Pepper Funk' N Fun 1979, Japan Audioph, Insert, OBI Mint Yupiteru yj257024
187 Watson, Bobby and Horizon No Question About It 1988, Mint BlueNote b190262
188 White Bukka Parchman Farm Promo M-/M- Columbia c30036
189 Wilkins, Ernie Candido theVolcanic 1957, Mono, Black RB, D,G. M-/M- ABCPara abc 180
190 Williams Trio, Mary Lou 1944 Roll 'Em 1988, Mono Mint Audiophile ap8
191 Williams, Mary Lou Live at the Cookery 1976, Mint Chiaroscuro cr146
192 Williams, Tony Angel Street 1988, SngStkr Mint Bnote b148494
193 Williams, Tony Native Heart 1990, Mint BlueNote b193170
194 Williamson, Claude Round Midnight Mono, Japan, Audioph, Insert, OBI Mint Beth.pap23006m
195 Williamson, Claude Blue Minor 1985,SW,Japan Audioph Mint Bopland k26p6360
196 Wilson, Glenn/ H. Danko Impasse 1984, Sealed CadJz cjr1023
197 Wilson, Reuben Blue Mode 1969, Lib. U.A. Mint BNote bst84343
198 Wilson, Reuben Love Bug 1997, U.K. Mint BNote 724382990512
199 Winding, Kai/ JJ Johnson K and J.J. Mono, Red, D.G. M-/M- Bethlehem bcp6001
200 Woods Qrt., Phil The Birth of the Erm 1990, Gf, 2-lps, Italy Mint Philology 214w16/17
201 Woods, Phil And the Japanese Rhythm Machine 1975, SW, Japan Audioph, OBI Mint RCA 6335
202 Woods, Phil and European Rhy. Mach. Alive and Well in Paris 1968, France Mint Pathe sptx340844t
203 Woods, Phil and European Rhy. Mach. At the Frankfurt Jazz Festival 1971, Gf, Die-Cut Mint Embryo sd530
204 Woods, Phil, European Rhy. Mach. Woods-Notes Mono, Japan Audioph, Insert Mint Joker ups2054kr
205 Wright, Dempsey, B. Holman, Kamuca The Wright Approach 1985, Sealed Andex a3006
206 Yog Sothoth Self-titled 1984, France Mint Mad 3010
207 Young, Lester The Aladdin Sessions 1975, CC, 2-lps, Gf Mint BNote bnla456h2
s1 Ashby, Dorothy Afro-Harping 1968, CC, Blue M-/M- Cadet lps809
s2 Blue Notes, The The Truth Has Come to Light… 1977, NH,Promo Mint Glades 7512
s3 Bohannon Stop and Go 1973, Mint Dakar dk76903
s4 Brown, James Revolution of the Mind 1972, 2-lps, Gf, SRW M-/M- Polydor 94254
s5 Castor, Jimmy Hey Leroy…. Mono, Red Mint Smash mgs27091
s6 Charles, Ray A Portrait of… WLP! M-/Mint ABC abcs625
s7 Coffey, Dennis -Detroit Guitar Bd Evolution M-/M- Sussex sbbs7004
s8 Cold Sweat Plays J.B. 1989, German, SngStkr Mint JMT 8344261
s9 Cortez, Dave 'Baby' In Orbit Mono, Orange Mint Roulette r25328
s10 Cortez, Dave 'Baby' The Happy Organ 1959, SW, Living Stereo Mint RCAVic lsp2099
s11 Detroit Emeralds Feel the Need 1977, NH,Promo Sealed Wstbnd wb302
s12 Dramatics Live 1988, Unreleased Mint Stax mps8545
s13 Drew, Patti I've Been Here all the Time Black RB M-/M- Capitol st156
s14 Drifters, The Under the Boardwalk 1965, Mono,Gold-Purple M-/M- Atantic 8099
s15 Drifters, The Best of…Up on the Roof 1962, Mono, Red-Purple M-/M- Atlantic 8073
s16 ESG Come Away with… 1983, SW, Black Mint NNM 99-003lp
s17 Franklin, Aretha The Gospel Soul of.. 1972, Blue Mint Checker ch10009
s18 Harris, Major How do You Take Your Love 1978, Nh M-/M- RCA apl128003
s19 Haywood, Leon Back to Stay 1972, CC M-/M- 20thCent t411
s20 Headhunters Straight From the Gate 1977, CC, RW, WLP! Exc/M- Arista ab4146
s21 Henderson, Joe Snap Your Fingers Exc/Exc Todd st2701
s22 Impressions Ridin' High Mono, SRW M-/M- ABCParamnt abc545
s23 Impressions The Versatile..conduct. By J. Pate Black RB M-/M- ABC abcs668
s24 Irvine, Weldon Liberated Brother 1972, WOL, RW VG-/M- Nodlew nm1001
s25 James, Rick/ Stone City Band Come Get It! 1978, SW M-/M- Gordy g7981r1
s26 Jay-Z Kingdom Come 2006, 2-lps, Insert Mint Rocafella b0008045
s27 John, Little Willie Free at Last Blue Promo, SRW M-/M- King ks1081
s28 Johnny C. Boogaloo Down Broadway Mint PhilLA splp4000
s29 Jones Girls Self-titled 1979, WLP! Mint PhilInt jz35757
s30 Jones, Grace Muse 1979, Gf, Promo Mint Island ilps9538
s31 Khan, Chaka Epiphany: The Best of- Sampler 1996,Rare Promo Only, 6-Cuts Mint Reprise proa8478
s32 Madonna You Can Dance 1987, Promo Mint Sire 255351
s33 Marvelettes In Full Bloom 1969, CC Mint Tamla ts288
s34 Mason, Barbara If You Knew Him Like I Do Promo, SRW M-/M- Nat.Gen ng2001
s35 Mimms, Garnet Has It All 1977,CC,WLP! M-/M- Arista ab4153
s36 Mtume Juicy Fruit 1983, SW, SngStkr M-/M- Epic fe38588
s37 Muscle Shoals Horns Shine On 1983, Mint Monument fw38530
s38 Nite-Liters Instrumental Directions 1972, NH, SW M-/M- RCAVic lsp4580
s39 Packers, The Hole in the Wall Mono Mint PureSoul pm1001
s40 Pickett, Wilson In the Midnight Hour 1966, Mono, Blue-Green M-/Exc Atlantic 8114
s41 Ripperton, Minnie Perfect Angel 1974, Orange Mint Epic ke32561
s42 Robinson, Johnny Memphis High CC M-/M- Epic bn26528
s43 Robinson, Smokey and Miracles Away We a Go Go 1966,SW,Mono,Globes Mint Tamla 271
s44 Romanelli Connecting Flight 1982, Mint Polygram t119002
s45 Scott-Heron, G/ B. Jackson Midnight Band-1st Minute of New Day 1974, Gf, Nh M-/M- Arista a4030
s46 Scott-Heron, G/ B. Jackson Winter in America 1974, Gf M-/M- StaraE ses19742
s47 Silhouettes, The Conversions With… SW Mint Segue seg1001
s48 Silvetti Concert from the Stars 1978, Mint Sire srk6064
s49 Supremes Meet the…. 1963,Stools,Re-issue Mint Motown m5223v1
s50 Sweet Inspirations Self-titled 1967, Germany M-/M- Atlantic sd8155
s51 Sylvia Pillow Talk 1973, SngStkr M-/M- Vibration v1-126
s52 Tams, The A Portrait of… 1971, SW Mint ABC abcs673
s53 Temptations Getting' Ready 1966,Stereo!, Sticker Mint Gordy glps918
s54 Tosh, Peter Mama Africa Jamaica M-/M- IntelDip itdl006
s55 Turner, Spyder Stand By Me Sw,Mono, Black RB M-/M- MGM e4450
s56 Upsetters Blackboard Jungle Dub Mint LPCT 0115
s57 Various Artists ST: Black Joy ,22 hits from orig. S.T. 1977, U.K. Mint Ronco rtl2025
s58 Ware, Leon Self-titled 1982, WLP! Mint Electkra e160050