RW-Ring Wear, WOBC-Writing on Back Cover, SW –Shrink Wrap, WOC – Writing on Cover, WOL-Writing on Label, TOC- Tape on Cover, SmSpl-Seam Split, GF-Gatefold,WLP- White Label Promo, SRW-Slight Ring Wear, RB-Rainbow- Black , CC-Cut Corner, NH-Notch, SOC-Stamp on Cover, Earmark


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1 101ers, The w/ J. Strummer Elgin Ave. Breakdown Revisited 2005, Mint Astral 094633216112
2 1919' Machine 1983, U.K., Mini-lp Mint RedRhino redlp2
3 23 Skidoo The Culling is Coming 1983, Belgium Mint Les disques twi123
4 A Guy Called Gerald Automanikk 1990, Hole Mint Columbia c 46770
5 AC/DC If You Want Blood 1978, SW Mint Atlantic sd19212
6 Amboy Dukes Journey to Center of the Mind Blue M-/M- Mnstream s6112
7 America Hat Trick 1973, SngStkr Sealed WarBros bs2728
8 Amphyrite Self-titled 2003, German, Re-issue, Insert Mint AmberSnd aslp002
9 Arktis Self-titled 2005, German, Re-issue, Insert Mint Ambersnd aslp037
10 Audio Active Electric Bombardment 1995, U.K., 12" Mint Onu dd35?
11 Auerbach, Dan Keep it Hid 2009, Gf, SngStkr, CD Sealed Nonesuch 5172411
12 Axolotl Out Manoeuvre 1984, France Mint Cryonic 1254
13 Ballistic Kisses Wet Moment 1983, 2-lps, U.K. Bonus 12" Mint X 19
14 Band, The Moondog Matinee 1974, Wrap-a-Round Poster, SngStkr M-/M- Capitol sw11214
15 Barclay James Harvest Gone to Earth 1977, German, Die-Cut,Insert Mint Polydor 2460273
16 Barreca, Marc Twilight 1981, 2nd Press Mint POL .0573000
17 Beach Boys Surfin' Safari SW, Mono, Black RB Mint/M- Capitol t1808
18 Beatles Live Concert at Wiskey Flats SW M-/M- Whiskey 510
19 Beatles The Early Beatles Black RB M-/M- Capitol st2309
20 Beatles Last Live Show SW M-/M- Live #501
21 Beck Sea Changes 2016,Gf, 2-lps, Re-issue Mint Geffenb002535501
22 Bene Gesserit Fashion is a Dirty Word 1987, U.K. Mint DMC021
23 Benninghoff Beethoven Bittersweet w/Bonus 45rpm Pic Slv Sealed SSS 15
24 Big Three ( Mama Cass) Big Three SW, Mono M-/M- FM 307
25 Bjork Vespertine 2001,Gf,2-lps, U.K. Mint Tplp101
26 Bjork Homogenic 1997, U.K., Poster Mint Tplp71
27 Black Oak Arkansas Early Times 1974, German Mint Stax stx88008
28 Blackhouse Hope Like a Candle 1992, German, Ltd #236 of 300 Mint Dark Vinyl dv12lp
29 Blackhouse Holy War 1987, Mint RRR 017
30 Blackhouse Five Min. After I Die 1968, German, LtdEd.130-449 Mint DrkVinyl dvlp03
31 Blacklight Braille Avallon Towers Album 1990, Mint Vetco 723
32 Blasters, The American Music 1980, Mint RollinRock lp021
33 Blegvad, Peter The Naked Shakespeare 1983, U.K. Mint Virgin v2284
34 Blomdahl Karl-Birger Aniara-Epic Space Flt in 2038 a.d. 1960, Gf, 2-lps, Gray, 6-Eye Mint Columbia m2s902
35 Boa, Phillip and Voodoo Club Aristocracie 1986, Gf, U.K. Mint RedRhino rf52
36 Borbetomagus Zurich 1985,Gf, 2-lps, Insert Mint Agaric ag1984
37 Bosho Chop Socky 1987, German Mint EFA 08-7178
38 Bow Wow Wow See Jungle! See Jungle! Go Join… 1981, U.K. M-/M- RCA rcalp3000
39 Bowie, David ChangesOneBowie 1976, Yugoslavia Mint RCA lsrca 70822
40 Bowie,D/V. Morrison/ E. Clapton Hard-up Heroes 1967, Gf, 2-lps, U.K.k M-/M- Decca dpa3009/10
41 Boyze' Rok Picture This! 1988, SW Mint BR 3145
42 C.C.C.C. (Com. Center Cyber Crash) Live in Pittsburgh 1994, w/Photos Mint RRR
43 Cahn, Rolf and E. Von Schmidt Self-titled 1961, Mono, Booklet, SRW M-/M- Folkways fa2417
44 Campi, Ray With Friends in Texas 1988, Gf, German Mint Bear bfx15258
45 Cardille, Bill Chilly Billy Goes on Record M-/M- Gateway gsl9019
46 Cash, Johnny Sings Ballads of True West Gf, 2-lps,Mono, Guar-HiFi M-/M- Columbia c2l 38
47 Cave, Nick and the Bad Seeds The Firstborn is Dead 1985, Mint Mute stumm21
48 Cherry Five Self-titled 2005, Gf, German Mint AS lp052
49 Chevalier, J.L./Eliard/Chevalier/VanDen.. Self-titled 1985, France Mint Mad 3013
50 Circus Mort Self-titled 1981, 45Rpm, SngStkr Mint Labor lab11
51 Clear Horizon Self-titled 2003, Gf Mint Krank 062
52 Con Demek Dogmama 1988, Mint RRR 037
53 Dark Tranquillity The Mind's 1997, Gf, U.K. Ltd.Ed 0059/1500 Mint Osmose oplp052
54 Darkthrone Goatlord 2002, Norway Mint Moonfog foglp013
55 Darkthrone Hate Them 2003, Gf, Norway Mint Moonfog 032
56 Darkthrone/ Satyricon/ Neptune Towers Crusade from the North 1996,2-lps, Gf, Norway Mint Moodfog fog010
57 Deep Purple Burn 1974, WLP!, Lyhric Sht, SRW M-/M- WarBros w2766
58 Deer Hunter Micro Castle/Weird Era Cont. 2008, U.K. Sealed Krank 127
59 Def Leppard Hysteria 1987, SW, Sngstkr Mint Mercury 42830751q1
60 Del Vikings They Sing…They Swing 195, Mono Exc/Exc Mercury mg20314
61 Del-Byzanteens, The Lies to Live By 1982, CC, Gf Mint X14
62 Della Morte Uglier and More Disgusting 1997,Gf, France, Ltd.Ed. #0683/1000 Mint Osmose kron h09
63 Deuter D 1971, CC, German Mint Kuckuck 017
64 Diabolos Rising Blood Vampirism and Sadism 1995, Gf, France Mint Osmose kron h02
65 Dictators, The Manifest Destiny 1977, Promo M-/M- Asylum 7e1109 sp
66 Dictators, The Blood Brothers 1978, Nh Mint Asylum 6e147
67 Dictators, The Blood Brothers 1978, WLP! M-/M- Asylum 6e 147
68 Die Haut Schnelles Leben 1982, German M-/M- Monogrm 008
69 Dif Juz Who Says So? 1983, U.K. 12" Mint RedFlamerfm24
70 DNA On DNA 2008,Gf, 2-lps, SngStkr Mint NoMore 12
71 Donovan Like It Is 1968, SW, Black RB Mint Hickory lps143
72 Doobie Brothers Farewell Tour 1983, 2-lps, Gf, Promo, SngStkr Mint WarBros 237721g
73 Duncan, John John See Soundracks 1994, Pic Disc, No Cover Mint RRR 069
74 Dylan, Bob Greatest Hits Mono!, w/Poster M-/M- Columbia kcl2663
75 Eagles Hotel California 1976,SW, Gf, SngStkr, Poster Mint Asylum 7e1084
76 Earle, Steve and the Dukes Exit O 1987, Promo, Mint MCA 5998
77 East of Eden Jig-a-Jig 1971, German Mint Deram 6.21679
78 Eddy, Duane The Best of…. 1966, Mono Sealed RCAVic lpm 3477
79 Einsturzende Neubaten/Blank Xerox etc Self-titled? 1980, German, Insert Mint ?
80 Electric Light Orch. Showdown 1974, Holland, Purple Vinyl Mint Harv 5c03805698
81 Emtidi Saat 1981, Gf, German, Re-issue Mint Pilz 20290778
82 Eno, Brian/ David Byrne My Life in the Bush of Ghosts 1981, CC M-/M- Sire srk6093
83 Erlkoenig Self-titled 2004, German, Reissue Mint Ambersnd aslp005
84 Experimental Audio Research Phenomena 256 1996, 2-lps, Gf Mint Sympathy 459lp
85 Exuma II 1970, SW M-/M- Mercury sr61314
86 Fairport Convention Liege and Lief w/S.Denny/Thompson Gf, Gold, RW Exc/M- Am sp4257
87 Feelies, The The Good Earth 1986, Virgin Vinyl Mint Coyote ttc8673
88 Fireman (Paul McCarney/ Youth) Elecric Arguments 2008,Gf, 2-lps, Book Mint Tplp1003
89 Flies Inside the Sun An Audience of Others…. 1993, Mint Krank 008
90 Focus In and Out of Focus German Mint Polydor 2310085
91 Foghat Fool for the City 1975, SW M-/M- Bearsville br6959
92 Foghat Self-titled 1972, SW Mint Bearsville br2077
93 Fontanelle Self-titled Mint Krank 042
94 Foreigner Agent Provocateur 1984, SW, SngStkr Mint Atlantic 819991e
95 Garcia Band, Jerry Cats Under the Stars 1978, CC, WLP! M-/M- Arista ar4160
96 Gehenna Adimiron Black 1998, Norway Mint Moonfog fog016
97 Geins't Nait L'or' N Cat 1987, France, Red Vinyl M-/M- Per 006
98 Geisterfahrer Schatten Voraus 1980, German Mint Konkur 6435078
99 Gods, The Feat. Ken Hensley 1970,SW,U.K., Mono, Stereo Mint Harvest shsm2011
100 Greasy Truckers (Camel,Gong, H. Cow) Live at Dingwalls Dancehall 1975,Gf, 2-lps, U.K. Mint Virgin gt4997
101 Grim, The Face of Betrayal 1988, Insert Mint Alchemy chem107
102 Hagar, Sammy Danger Zone 1980, German Mint Capitol 1c06486135
103 Hagar, Sammy Self-titled 1987, SW, Sng Decal Mint Geffen ghs24144
104 Harrison, George Wonderwall Music by… SW, Insert M-/M- Applest3350
105 Heard, Mark Appalachian Melody 1979, Gf Mint SRA 2009
106 Hecker, Tim An Imaginary Country 2009, 2-lps Mint Krank 130
107 Hollies Write On 1976, U.K. Mint Polydor 2442141
108 Holmes, Carl and the Commanders Twist Party at the Roundtable 1962, Mono Sealed Atlantic 8060
109 Honeys/Fantastic Baggys/Masked Surfers Summer Means Fun-Ca.Surf Music 62-74 1980, Nh, Holland M-/M- Cap 1a04678038
110 Impaled Nazarene Suomi Finland Perkele 1994, France, Insert, Black Mint Osmose oplp 026
111 Innersections Tap Dancer in a Minefield 1980, Sealed Halftrack hts1007
112 James Din A4 Apfel Eingesammelt Baumchen… 2000, German, 12" Mint Esel d3
113 Jan and Dean Folk 'n Roll 1965, Sealed Liberty Lst 7431
114 Jefferson Starship (Slick/Kantner) Dragon Fly 1971, Rare Quad! Mint Grunt bfd10717
115 Jessamine The Long Arm of Coincidence 1996, 2-lps, Mint Krank 018
116 Jethro Tull Greatest Hits 1987, Russia M-/M- Chrysalis c6026419000
117 Jetrho Tull Under Wraps 1984, SngStkr, SRW M-/Mint Chrysalis fv41461
118 K2/ Macronympha Biometrics 1999, Mint RRR 106
119 Kaiser, Henry Ice Death 1977, Mint Parachute p005
120 Kill Ugly Pop! Leatherface Gets Religion 1986, U.K. Mint DMC 004
121 Kindred, Lisa I Like It This Way! 1965, Mono, Gold M-/M- Vanguard vrs9196
122 King Crimson In Wake of Poseidon 1970, Gf M-/M- Atlantic sd8266
123 Kiss Alive II 1977, 2-lps, Booklet Mint Casabln nblp7076-2
124 Kiss Love Gun 1977, w/Gun and Insert Mint Casabln nblp7057
125 Kiss Crazy Nights 1987, Promo, SngStkr Mint Mercury 8326261
126 Kumano (Daniel Lanois) Self-titled 1980, Mint Prelude prl12177
127 Labradford E Luxo so 1999, Mint Krank 037
128 Labradford Mi Media Naranja 1997, Mint Krank 023
129 Labradford A Stable Reference 1995, Gf, Gray Marble Wax Mint Krank 006
130 Laibach Opus Dei 1987, CC, U.K. Mint Stumm 44
131 Leatherwolf Street Ready 1989, Nh, Promo Mint Island 910721
132 Leftfield Leftism 200, 2-lps, U.K., Audiophile Mint Columbia handlp2d
133 Looking Glass Self-titled 1972, Sealed Epic ke31320
134 Lothar and the Hand People Presenting…. Black RB, RW Exc/M- Capitol s2997
135 Lovelies Mad Orphan 1988, Mint 109 rec.ed11131
136 Low Secret Name 1999,Gf, 2-lps Mint Krank035
137 Lunch, Christian Shark Bait 1981, German M-/Mint Konkurenz 6435105
138 Lunde, E. Aztalan-Camp Douglas Quad 1988, 7" Inside Sealed RRR #27
139 Lynyrd Skynyrd Street Survivors 1977, German, Flames Cover M-/M- MCA 0062.095
140 Mackay, Bruce Self-titled 1967, M-/M- Oro-1
141 Man Back Into the Future 1973,Gf, 2-lps, German M-/Mint UnArts uas29547xd
142 Marginal Man Identity 1984, Sw, Insert Mint Dischord 13
143 Martin, George and Orch. Off the Beatle Track Mono, Black RB Mint UnArts ual3377
144 Mathieu, Allaudin William Streaming Wisdom 1981, Mint ColdMtn 008
145 Mathieu, Allaudin William In the Wind 1983, M-/Mint Cmm 009
146 McDonald, Skeets Call Me Skeets! Sealed Columbia cs8970
147 Merchants of Dream Strange Night Voyage Hole, Gold M-/M- AM sp4149
148 Merzbow w/Memorial Gadgets 1986, 2-lps Mint RRR rr004
149 Metallica Ride the Lightning 1986, U.K., PicDisc, 1st Ed., No Cover Mint Music4 mfn27p
150 Metallica Kill 'Em All 1983,Ltd.Ed. #0540, No Cover Mint Megaforce
151 Morissette, Alanis Jagged Little Pill 1995, U.K. Mint Mav/Repr 9362459011
152 Mother Love Bone Apple 1990, Promo M-/Mint Polydor 4228431911
153 Mott the Hoople Mott 1973, Gf,Die-Cut, SngStkr M-/M- CBS 69038
154 Mott the Hoople Wildlife 1971, Gf M-/M- Atlantic sd6234
155 Music Machine, The Turn On 1966, M-/M- OrigSnd osrlps8875
156 Names, The Swimming 1982, Belgium M-/Mint Les disques twi065
157 Nash, Graham Earth and Sky 1980, U.K. Mint Capitol east 12014
158 Nazz Self-titled 1969, SW, Red-Orange Mint SGC sd5002
159 Neats, The Crash at Crush Gf Sealed Coyote ttc87112
160 New York Dolls Self-titled 1973, HollandMint Mint Mercury 6336280
161 Newman, Randy Self-titled SW, Boat Mint Reprise 6286
162 Nilsson Son of Schmilsson 1972, Gf, Promo, SRW M-/M- Victor lsp4717
163 Nilsson Schmilsson 1971,SW,Decal, SngStkr, Poster Mint RCAVic lsp4515
164 Nugent, Ted Free-for-All 1976, Gf, Quad! Mint Epic 34121
165 Nuggets Orig. Artyfacts-Psychedelic Era 1965-68 1972,2-lps,Gf, Butterfly Mint Elektra 7e2006
166 Of a Mesh Broken 1987, Mint 109 rec. s1 2001
167 Ordo Catharsis Templi Variations ov Templvm 1996, German, Pic-Disc Ltd. Mint 23TPLO 28
168 Ornamental Crystal Nights 1988, U.K. Mint 18tp12
169 Osbourne, Ozzy Diary of a Madman 1981, SW Mint Jet fz37492
170 Osbourne, Ozzy Bark at the Moon 1983, SW Mint/M- CBSAs qz38987
171 Osbourne, Ozzy/ Rany Rhoads Tribute 1987, 2-lps, Gf M-/M- CBSAs zzx240714
172 P. Children P.Ch 3 1989,Clear Vinyl-Jacket,Ltd. To 500 Mint RRR pch
173 Page, Jimmy ST: Death Wish 1982, Nh Mint SwanSong ss8511
174 Pan-American The River Made No Sound 2002, 2-lps Mint Krank 051
175 Pan-American Self-titled 1997, U.K. Mint Krank
176 Paranoia The Many Faces of…. 1989, SngStkr Sealed Alchemy 004lp
177 Petty, Tom and Heartbreakers Southern Accents 1985, Sw Mint MCA 5486
178 Pink Floyd A Saucerful of Secrets 1968, Red, Mono M-/M- Tower 5131
179 Police Every Breath You Take- The Singles 1986, Virgin Vinyl Mint AM sp3902
180 Presley, Elvis The Burbank Sessions V. #1 6/27/1968 1968, 2-lps, Gf, German Mint Audifon afns62768
181 Presley, Elvis Aloha fr. Hawaii via Satellite 1972, Gf, 2-lps, Rare! Not Quad! Sealed RCA r213736
182 Presley, Elvis Sings for Children-Grwn-ups too! 1978, Gf, Nh, w/Card! Sealed RCA cpl12901
183 Psyclones/ Schlafengarten Imprompto 1987, Split Album Mint RRR 010
184 Queen Sheer Heart Attack 1974, Butterfly, Poster M-/M- Elektra 7e1206sp
185 Radiators Ghost Town 1978, U.K. Mint Chiswick cwk3003
186 Rainbow The Best of…. 1981, 2-lps, Gf, U.K. Mint Polydor Podv 2
187 Rankine, Alan The World Begins to Look Her Age 1986, Holland Mint Les disques twi672
188 Rea, David Slewfoot with B. Weir, Keith and Donna 1973, Promo, Large SngStkr Exc/M- Columbia kc32485
189 Reininger, Blaine L. Live in Brussels 02/1986 1986, Belgium, Insert Mint Les disques twi637
190 Reininger, Blaine L. Night Air 1984, Belgium, Lyric Sht Mint Les disques twi267
191 Residents, The Residue of the …. 1983, Mint Ralph rz8302
192 Residents, The Mole Show 1983, PicDisc Mint ?
193 Residents, The Eskimo 1983, PicDisc Mint Ralph
194 Residents, The Mole Show Live at Roxy 1982, Authorized Bootleg Mint ?
195 Residents, The Meet the… 1985, PicDisc Mint Ralph rz7701
196 Residents, The Meet the… 1974, Mono, 1st Press 1000 Mint Ralph rr0274
197 Residents, The w/ Snakefinger Nibbles 1979, U.K. Mint Virgin vr3
198 Rides, The Can't Get Enough 2013, Mint 429Rec
199 Riley, Terry Songs for 10 Voices of 2 Prophets German Mint Kuckuck 067
200 Rodriguez, Omar Self-titled 2006, Pic Disc.,No Cvr, #1467/2000 Mint Erika er200238
201 Rolling Stones Goats Head Soup 1973, Gf, Poster Mint Rstones coc 39106
202 Rolling Stones Dirty Work 1986, Red SW, Large Stkr Mint Rstones oc40250
203 Rouse Broken Consort, Mikel Jade Tiger 1983, Belgium Mint Les disques twi220
204 Rue, Rik Sound Escapes 1991, Mint RRR #15
205 Rundgren, Todd Runt 1971, German M-/Mint Bearsville 200.738
206 Rush Hold Your Fire 1987, SW, Sngstkr Mint Mercury 832464101
207 Rush, Tom Take a Little Walk with Me Mono, Gold M-/M- Elektra ekl308
208 Sacriledge B.C. Party with God 1986, France Mint Alchemy vm102
209 Satyricon Volcano 2003,Gf,2-lps,Norway,LtdEd. Clear Vinyl Mint Moonfog foglp 031
210 Shakti Demonic Forces 1987, Belgium Mint SubAnt 002
211 Shakti w/John McLaughlin Natural Elements 1977, WLP! M-/M- Columbia jc34980
212 Shankar, Ravi ST: Gandhi 1982, Gf, Promo Mint RCA abl14557
213 Simmons, Desmond Alone on Penguin Island 1981, U.K. Min Dome 33.1
214 Simon, John Album 1970, Gf, WLP! M-/M- WarBros ws1849
215 Sir Douglas Quintet 1+1+1=4 1967,Fold-Open, WLP! Mint Philips phs600-344
216 Skeletal Family Futile Combat 1985, U.K., Text. Cvr Mint RedRhino redlp57
217 Smell and Quim Jesus Christ Mint SHF 001
218 Smersh Beat Fr. 20,000 Fathoms 1986, Mint RRR 008
219 Smith Group, Patti You Light Up My Life 1978, M-/M- Arista psc11
220 Soft Verdict Struggle for Pleasure 1983, Belgium Mint Les disques twi 189
221 Soft Verdict For Amusement Only..pinball machines 1981, Belgium Mint Les disques twi049
222 Spandau Ballet The Singles Collection 1985, Mint Chrysalis fv41498
223 Spliff The Spliff Radio Show 1980, Holland Mint CBS 84555
224 Starr, Ringo Sentimental Journey SW M-/M- Apple sw3365
225 Stars of the Lid/Jon McCafferty Per Astera ad Astra 1998, 180 Gram Sealed Krank 028?
226 Stars of the Lid/Jon McCafferty The Tired Sounds of… 2001, 3-lps Mint Krank 050
227 Steppenwolf Gold- Their Great Hits German M-/M- MCA 201574
228 Styx Man of Miracles 1974, German M-/M- RCA fl13115
229 Sugarcubes It's-It 1992, 2-lps, U.K. M-/M- Tplp40
230 Sykurmolarnir (Sugarcubes) Illur Arfur! 1989, Gf, U.K. Mint Tplp 15L
231 Tangerine Dream ST: Flashpoint 1984, Nh Mint EMIAm st17141
232 Tangerine Dream Encore, Live 1977, 2-lps, Gf, Promo Mint Virgin pzg35014
233 Ten Years After Ssssh. France Mint Chrysalis 6307551
234 Thanes, Jean-Pierre Occitania 1984, France Mint Cryonic foo41
235 Thin Lizzy Bad Reputation 1977, Mint Mercury srm11186
236 Tietchens, Asmus Eisgang Ltd.Ed,. 434/500 Mint KormPls kp5195
237 Traffic John Barleycorn Must Die Gf, Red-Black, SRW M-/M- UnArts uas5504
238 Turtles, The Happy Together Mono M-/M- Whitewhale ww114
239 Tyranny, Gene Out of the Blue 1978, Mint Lovely lml 1061
240 Ultimate Spinach Self-titled Gf M-/M- MGM se4518
241 Ultramarine Folk Self-titled 1990, Belgium Mint Les disques twi 894
242 Uludag Mau Mau 1988, German, Insert Mint Review lc8388
243 Unit 4 + 2 #1 feat. Concrete and Clay Mono, Maroon M-/M- London ll3427
244 Univeria Zekt The Unnamables 1986, France (Jazz) Mint Cryonic mad3017
245 Uriah Heep Sea of Light 1995, German Mint HTD lp33
246 Van Ronk, Dave Gambler's Blues Mono, Gold Mint VerveFlk fv91017
247 Vaughan, Stevie Ray- Double Trouble In Step 1989, Mint Epic oe45024
248 Vincent, Gene/ Kim Fowley I'm Back and I'm Proud Hole Mint Deram 6.21679
249 We Five, The Take Each Day As it Comes 1977, CC M-/M- Avi avl6016
250 West, Hedy Self-titled 1963, Mono, Dark-Red Mint Vanguard vrs9124
251 Who, The Sings My Generation Mono, Black RB M-/M- Decca dl4664
252 Windy and Carl Depths 1998, Gf Mint Krank 024
253 Windy and Carl Consciousness 2001, Mint Krank 045
254 Windy and Carl Songs for the Broken Hearted 2008, 2-lps, Gf Mint Krank 125
255 Winter, Johnny Progressive Blues Experiment SW M-/M- Imperial lp12431
256 Wishbone Ash There's the Rub 1974, German Mint MCA 6.22.075
257 Yamashta, Stomu Sea and Sky 1985, German Mint Kuckuck 072
258 Yes Yeserdays 1974, SW, SngStkr Mint Atlantic sd19134
259 Young, Neil After the Gold Rush 1970, Gf, Lyric Poster Mint Reprise msk2283
260 Young, Neil Trans 1982, Audioph Promo,Virgin Vinyl Ltd.Ed Mint Geffen ghs2018
261 Young, Neil Landing On Water 1986, Mint Geffin ghs24109
262 Young, Neil/ Jack White A Letter Home 2014, SW Mint Reprise tmr245
263 Zaboitzeff, Thierry Promethee 1984, France Mint Cryonic 1154
264 Zappa, Frank (Mothers of Inv.) Freak Out! 2-lps, Gf, SRW Exc/M- Verve v650052x
265 Zoviet France Norsch 12" Mint RedRhino red23
266 Zoviet France Eostre 1984,2-lps, U.K., Slick Paper Outer Bag M-/M- RedRhino
267 Zoviet France A Flock of Rotations 1987, U.K. Mint RedRhino redlp68
268 Zoviet France Misfits, Loony Tunes Squalid Criminal 1986, U.K., Inner and Outer Bag Mint RedRhino redlp67