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RW-Ring Wear, WOBC-Writing on Back Cover, SW –Shrink Wrap, WOC – Writing on Cover, WOL-Writing on Label, TOC- Tape on Cover, SmSpl-Seam Split, GF-Gatefold,WLP- White Label Promo, SRW-Slight Ring Wear, RB-Rainbow- Black , CC-Cut Corner, NH-Notch, SOC-Stamp on Cover, Earmark


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1 23 Skidoo The Culling is Coming 1988, Belgium Mint Lay 23
2 A Certain Ratio Knife Slits Water 1982, 12" Mint Facta mlps7802
3 Abba Greatest Hits Vol. 2 1979, Gf, Promo, SRW M-/M- Atlantic sd16009
4 Acid Mother Temple 41st Century Splendid Man 2002, Pic Disc, Ltd.Ed Mint Tumult pd001
5 Aix Em Klemm Self-titled 2000, Mint Krank 3258854
6 AMP Astral Moonbeam Projections 1997, 2-lps, Gf Mint Krank 017
7 Anderson, Jon Song of Seven 1980, Promo M-/M- Atlantic sd16021
8 Ar Log Meillionen 1983, U.K., Book M-/M- Dingle did715
9 Arco Flute Foundation Second Lession in New Era Time 2000, Handmade Cover w/Insert Mint Cenotaph 001
10 Ashra Blackouts 1978, U.K. Mint Virgin v2091
11 Astronauts, The Surfin' with…. 1963, Mono M-/M- RCAVic lpm2760
12 Atlanta Rhythm Sections Are You Ready! 1979, 2-lps, Gf, WLP! Mint Polydor pd26236
13 Autosalvage Self-titled 1968, SRW M-/Exc RCAVic lsp3940
14 Ayers, Kevin/M.Oldfield /D. Bedford Joy of a Toy/ Shooting at the Moon 1975, U.K., Gf, 2-lps Mint Harvest shdw407
15 Badfinger Straight Up SRW M-/M- Apple sw3887
16 Band, The Self-titled Gf, Green Mint Capitol stao132
17 Basho, Robbie The Falconer's Arm II 1967, Orig. M-/M- Takoma c1018
18 Beach Boys Best of the…. Vol. 2 Hole Sealed Capitol dt2706
19 Beatles, The The Beatles Again M-/M- Apple sw385
20 Beatles, The Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts C.B. 1967,Gf,Black RB, Cutouts Mint Capitol smas2659
21 Big Brother and Holding Company Cheap Thrills 1967, Gf, '360', White M-/M- Columbia kcs9700
22 Biz, John New Morning-Purewhiteveilmoon 2011, Ltd.Ed. 57/100, Gray Marble Vinyl Mint Purxvil
23 Blake, Norman Old and New 1975, SW Mint FlyingFish 010
24 Bloomfield, Michael Self-titled 1978, Orig., SngStrk M-/M- Takoma tak7063
25 Bloomfield, Michael Cruisin' for a Bruisin' 1981, Orig. M-/M- Takoma tak7091
26 Bo Grumpus Before the War 1968, Gold-Purple, RW Exc/M- Atco sd33246
27 Boggs, Dock Country Blues 2-lps, Mono, Clear Vinyl, w/Bk Mint ?Label 6003
28 Banfi, Baffo Ma, Dolce Vita 1982, Prod. Klaus Schulze, Nh Mint InnovCom ks80.002
29 Bowie, David Hunky Dory 1971, Lyric Sht M-/M- RCA lsp4623
30 Bowie, David Images 1966-67 1973, 2-lps, Gf M-/Mint London bp62819
31 Bowie, David Diamond Dogs 1974, Gf, Black M-/M- RCA afl10576
32 Bronco Country Home Gf Mint Island smas9300
33 Byrd, Joseph Yankee Transcendoodle 1976, Orig. Mint Takoma c1051
34 Byrd, Joseph (Field Hippies) Christmas Yet to Come 1975, Hole M-/M- Takoma c1046
35 Cactus One Way…or Another 1971, Gf, (1841), w/Poster M-/M- Atdco sd33356
36 Can Sound Tracks 1970, U.K. Mint UnArts uas29283
37 Captain Beefheart and Magic Band Legendary A&M Sessions 1984, Silver Mint AM sp12510
38 Captain Beefheart and Magic Band Doc at the Radar Station 1980, Promo Mint Virgin va13148
39 Captain Beefheart and Magic Band Clear Spot 1972, Boat M-/M- WarBros ms2115
40 Captain Beefheart and Magic Band The Mirror Man Sessions 1999,2-lps,180 Gram,3 Stkrs,Virgin Vinyl Mint Buddah 74321691741
41 Carpenter, Mary Chapin State of the Heart 1989, Mint Columbia fc44228
42 Cash, Johnny All Aboard the Blue Train SW, Mono Mint Sun lp1270
43 Cash, Johnny Collection-His Greatest Hits Vol. II Sw, SngStkr Mint Columbia kc30887
44 Cash, Johnny The Holy Land 3-D Cover, w/Song Book Sealed Columbia kcs9726
45 Cash, Johnny Ring of Fire-Best of 1963,SW, '360' White Mint Columbia cs8853
46 Cash, Johnny At Folsom Prison SW, '360' White Mint Columbia cs9639
47 Cash, Johnny The J. Cash Show Sealed Columbia kc30100
48 Cash, Johnny at San Quentin SW, '360' White Mint Columbia cs9827
49 Christmas Ultra Prophets of…Psykick Rev. 1989, CC Mint IRS 42273
50 Clapton, Eric Journeyman 1989, Gf Mint Reprise w126074
51 Cluster and Eno Self-titled 1977, German M-/M- Sky 010
52 Coe, David Allan Longhaired Redneck 1976, M-/M- Columbia kc33916
53 Cohen, Leonard Songs From a Room 360', White M-/M- Columbia cs9757
54 Cohen, Leonard The Best of 1975, WLP!, Lyric Sht M-/M- Columbia pc34077
55 Condition Green Life of Change 1978, Japan Audiophile, OBI Mint SeeSaw wx 9001
56 Cooper, Alice Prince of Darkness 1989, Mint MCA r163192
57 Corporation, The Self-titled Black RB, RW Exc/M- Capitol st175
58 Costello, Elvis My Aim is True 1977, Portugal Mint Stiff seez 3np
59 Coven Self-titled 1971, SRW M-/M- MGM se4801
60 Crawford, Johnny Rumors Mono Mint Delfi dflp1224
61 Cream Fresh Cream 1967, Gold-Purple Mint Atco sd33-206
62 Creedence Clearwater Revival Cosmo's Factory SW Mint/M- Fantasy 8402
63 Creedence Clearwater Revival The Movie Album 1985, Sealed Fantasy 4522
64 Crescent Electronic Sound Constructions 1997, Mint Alp 78
65 Crispy Ambulance Sexus 1984, Belgium, 12" Mint Benelux fbn18
66 Crotty, Robert Robert Crotty Blues 1989, Ltd.Ed. Mint St.Joan st.j.13
67 Darrow, Chris/ Max Buda Eye of the Storm 1981, Orig. Mint Takoma tak7092
68 Dead Can Dance Toward the Within 1994, 2-lps, U.K. Mint 4AD dad4015
69 Dead Can Dance Into the Labrinth 1993, U.K. Mint 4AD dad3013
70 Dead Can Dance Aion 1990, U.K. Mint 4AD cad 0007
71 Deficit des Annees Anterieures Action + Japanese Demonstration 1982, France, Fold-out Cvr, Insert Mint Illusion ip010
72 Demby, Constance Novus Magnificat 1987, Brasil Mint Eldorado lp3054
73 Destroyed Music Charcoal 1999,Finland,Ltd.Ed. Of 200, Burned Cvr. Mint Freak lp010
74 Diamond, Neil ST: The Jazz Singer 1981, Gf Sealed Capitol swav512120
75 Din A Testbild Programm 1 1980, German Mint InnovCom ks80.002
76 Dokken Tooth and Nail 1984, Mint Elektra 03761
77 Doldinger, Klaus/Giorgio Moroder ST:The Neverending Story 1984, Promo Mint EMIAM st17139
78 Donovan Hurdy Gurdy Man SW, Yellow Mint Epic bn26420
79 Doors, The Morrison Hotel 1970, Hole, Gf, 'Big E' Mint Elektra eks75007
80 Doors, The Self-titled Big 'E' M-/M- Elektra eks74007
81 Drummond, Bill The Man 1983, U.K. M-/M- Creation cre lp014
82 Dury,Ian and Blockheads Laughter 1980, German Mint Stiff 6.24540
83 Dylan, Bob Slow Train Coming 1979, Canada Mint Columbia 36120
84 Epitaph Live 1981, German Mint Brain 0060.385
85 Fahey, John Fare Forward Voyagers 1973, Exc/Exc Takoma c1035
86 Fahey, John and His Orch. Old Fashioned Love 1975, M-/M- Takoma c1043
87 Fahey, John and His Orch. After the Ball 1973, SW, WLP! M-/M- Reprise ms2145
88 Fahey, John/L. Kottke/ P. Lang Self-titled 1974, Orig. Mint Takoma c1040
89 Feathers, Charlie Get With It 3-lps, Mono, Clear Vinyl, w/Bk Mint ?Label 6006
90 Finch Glory of the Inner Force 1975, SRW M-/M- Atco sd36124
91 Fireballs, The Come On, React! 1969, Sealed Atco sd33275
92 Five Americans Progressions 1967, D.J. Copy , SRW M-/M- Abnak abstm2069
93 For Against Echelons 1987, Mint Independ. ip019
94 For Against December 1988, Promo, Insert Mint Independ. d174781
95 Free At Last 1972, Hole, WLP! M-/M- AM sp4349
96 Goblin ST: Dawn of the Dead 1979, M-/M- Varese vc81106
97 Gorefest/Sinister/ Brutality/Deceased 5 Years Nuclear Blast 1993, 2-lps,Red and Blue Vinyl Mint NucBlst nb083.1
98 Grand Funk Shinin' On 1974, 3-D Cover Poster, Classes Mint Capitol swae11278
99 Grateful Dead In the Dark 1987, Gf Mint Arista al8452
100 Greenbriar Boys Better Late than Never! 1966, Mono, Silver M-/M- Vanguard vrs9233
101 Greenhill, Mitch Pickin' The city Blues 1964, Mono, Green M-/M- Prestige fl14026
102 Grippe, Ragnar Sand 1977, France Mint Shandar 83518
103 Guitar Roberts (aka Loren Mazzacane) Blues 1990, Ltd.Ed Mint St.Joan 9xo16
104 Guitar Roberts (aka Loren Mazzacane) Bluesmaster 2 1988, Ltd.Ed. Mint St.Joan css491
105 Guitar Roberts (aka Loren Mazzacane) Fallen Son 1990, Mint St.Joan ox243
106 Guitar Roberts (aka Loren Mazzacane) Bluesmaster 1988,CC, Ltd.Ed. Mint St.Joan css484
107 Guthrie, W./ C. Houston/S. Terry Sings Folk Songs, Vol.2 1964, Mono, Blue,Booklet Mint Folkways fa2484
108 Guthrie, Woody Struggle 1976, Mono, Blue,Booklet Mint Folkways fa2485
109 Hagar, Sammy Self-titled 1987, Sealed Geffen ghs24144
110 Harper, Roy HQ 1975, U.K. M-/M- EMI shsp4046
111 Harper, Roy and Jimmy Page Whatever Happened to Jugula 1985, M-/M- BegsBanq pvc8937
112 Hedayat, Dashiell Obsolete 1971, France, Text.Cvr, Orange Label M-/M- Shandar 83512
113 Helms, Bobby My Special Angel Mono, Black M-/M- Decca dL 8638
114 Hendrix Experience, Jimi Electric Ladyland 1972, 2-lps, Gf, Holland, Nudes Mint Polydor 2488206/07
115 Hendrix, Jimi The Cry of Love 1970,Gf, Boat, SRW,Rare Decal! M-/M- Reprise ms2034
116 Human Hands Self-titled 1990,2-lps,Ltd.Ed#1265, Reissue,Insert,Red Vinyl Mint Independ. Ip005
117 Iron Maiden Killers 1981, Mint EMIHarv st12141
118 Jackson, Joe Night and Day 1982,Nh, 1/2 Speed Audioph Mint MobFid mfsl-1080
119 Jackson, Wanda The Happy Side of Wanda SW, Hole, Black RB Mint Capitol st238
120 Jackson, Wanda and Party Timers You'll Always Have My Love SW, Hole, Black RB Mint Capitol st2812
121 Jane III 1975, SW, Hole, Red Mint Capitol st11425
122 Jefferson Airplane Surrealistic Pillow 1967, Black, SRW M-/M- RCAVic lsp3766
123 Jones, Tom Live-Caesars Palace 2-lps, Gf Sealed Parrot 71049/50
124 Joplin, Janis Janis 1975,2-lps,Gf,Mono, Bklet,SngStkr M-/Mint Columbia pg33345
125 Joplin, Janis I got dem ol' Kosmic Blues…. SW, Large 'Kozmic' Decal Mint Columbia pc9913
126 Katka Band, Ippe Self-titled 1985, Finland Mint Leo 018
127 Kayak See See the Sun 1973, Hole M-/M- Harvest st11305
128 Kindred, Lisa/Eric Darling I Like it This Way 1965, SW, Orange Mint Vanguard vsd79196
129 King Crimson Court of Crimson King 1969, Gf, Rare Decal! Mint Atlantic sd8245
130 King, Carole Tapestry German M-/M- AM 85337it
131 Kingfish (Grateful Dead) Self-titled 1976, SW, SngStkr, CC Mint Round rx108/la564g
132 Kingston Trio, The College Concert Hole Sealed Capitol st1658
133 Koner, Thomas Nunatak 2010, U.K., Black vinyl, Re-issue Mint Type 069v
134 Koner, Thomas Permafrost 2010, U.K., Black vinyl, Re-issue Mint Type 071v
135 Kottke, Leo 6 and 12 String Guitar Black-Gold Orig. , Armadillo M-/M- Takoma c1024
136 Kuryokhin, S/ B. Grebenshchikov Mad Nightingales.. Russian Forest 1985, U.K. Mint Leo lr167
137 Lang, Peter Thing at Nursery Rm Window 1973, Orig. Mint Takoma c1034
138 Love and Rockets Seventh Dream of …Heaven 1985, Gf Mint BeggarsB bega 66
139 Lucifer's Friend Sneak Me In 1980, WLP! Mint Elektra 6e265
140 Marilyn Manson Born Villain 2012, SW, 2-lps, 180 Gram,SngStkr Mint Cooking cooklp554
141 McAuliffe, Leon and Swingin' Western Bd. Everybody Dance!Everybody Swing Black RB M-/M- Capitol st2146
142 McCartney, Paul Sample from Tug of War 1982, Promo Only Sealed Columbia as1444
143 McNabb, Michael Comupter Music 1983, M-/Mint 1750Arch s1800
144 Merzbow Kapotte Muziek-Documentation… 1990, Holland Mint Korm kp3390
145 Metallica Kill 'Em All Silver M-/M- Megaforce mri069
146 Prime, Michael Fructification 1989, U.K. Mint Mycophile myc01
147 Miller Band, Steve Children of the Future Gf, Promo, SRW M-/M- Capitol skao2920
148 Mose Jones Mose Knows! 1974, Gf, CC, SRW M-/M- MCA 394
149 Mountain Goats We Shall all be Healed 2004, U.K. Mint 4AD cad2401
150 Muffins, The Air Fiction Authorized Bootleg, 1974,Lyric Sht Mint RadomR 004
151 Muffins, The Manna/Mirage 1978, Mint RadomR rrr003
152 Muffins, The(F. Frith etc) 185' 1981, Mint RadomR rrr010
153 Murcof Cosmos 2007, 3-lps, U.K. Mint Bay 59v
154 Negativeland Points 1981, Inserts M-/M- Seeland 002
155 Negativeland Self-titled 1980, Handmade Cvr(car-photos), 2nd Addr Mint Seeland001
156 Negativeland Self-titled 1980, Handmade Cvr, (sewing mach.) 2nd Addr. Mint Seeland 001
157 Negativeland Self-titled 1980, Handmade Cvr. (Washing Mach.)2nd Addr. Mint Seeland 001
158 New Blockaders Simphonie in X Major 1991,U.K.,Ltd.Ed. #268/500 Mint Hypnagogia gog01
159 New Order Power, Corruption and Lies 1983, Mint Factus 12
160 New Order 1981-Factus 8-1982 1982, U.K. Mint Factus 8
161 Newman, Colin Prov. Entitled-The Singing Fish 1981, U.K. Mint 4AD cad108
162 Newman, Colin Not To 1982, U.K., Hole M-/M- 4AD cad201
163 Notting Hillbillies Missing…. 1990, Promo Mint WarBros 126147
164 Oldfield, Mike Ommadawn 1975, Rare Quad! Mint Virgin pzq33913
165 Owens, Buck Roll Your Own with…. Hole, Scrapbook Insert Sealed Capitol st322
166 P.D. Inweglos 1980, German,TOBC Exc/M- Gema rp1091
167 P16.D4 Tionchor 1987, Gf, German Mint Selektion slp013
168 P16.D4 Distruct 1984, German, Insert Mint Selektion slp005
169 P16.D4/S.B.O.T.H.I. Nichts Niemand Nirgends-Nie 1986, German, Gf, 2-lps Mint Selektion slp011
170 Partridge Family Partridge Family Album SW, SngStkr, Portrait Mint Bell 6050
171 Perkins, Carl Blue Suede Shoes SW, WLP! Mint Sun 112
172 Petty, Tom and Heartbreakers Let Me Up(I've Had Enough) 1987, Mint MCA 5836
173 Phantom Family Halo Raven Town Witch 2014, Mint SopLounge sL059
174 Pink Floyd Final Cut 1983, Gf Mint Columbia qc38243
175 Pohjola, Pekka Pilkasilma Kaarnakorva Finland Mint Love lrlp71
176 Pohjola, Pekka B the Magpie 1975, U.K. Mint Virgin v2036
177 Ponomareva, Valentina Fortune-Teller 1985, U.K., CC Mint Leo lr136
178 Primus Green Naugahyde 2012,Gr. Vinyl,10", Tex.Cvr,LtdEd Mint Prawn atooo148
179 Psychic TV Unclean 1984, Import Mint ptv4828
180 Psychic TV Live at Final Wars 1986,Japan Audioph,Book Mint Trans 06
181 Ptose The Swop 1984, France, Mini-lp Mint Eksakt 012
182 Pump The Decoration of Duma Cont. 1987, U.K. Mint FinalImage fib3
183 Queen Jazz 1978, Gf, Nh, Nude Poster Mint Elektra 6e166
184 Queen II 1974, Gf, Butterfly Mint Elektra eks75082
185 Quicksilver Mess. Serv. Happy Trails 1968, SW, Hole, Black RB Mint Capitol st120
186 R.E.O. Speedwagon Self-titled Sealed Epic 31089
187 Rabindra All I See is You 1973, Gf Mint Takoma/Devi d1036
188 Rainbow Rising 1976, Gf, U.K. M-/M- Oyster 2490137
189 Rainbow Straight Between the Eyes 1982, SRW M-/M- Mercury srm14041
190 Ramleh A Return to Slavery 1983, U.K., Insert Mint Brokenflag bfv2a
191 Red Bow, Buddy Journey to the Spirit World 1983, w/Book Mint Tatanka trlp901
192 Red Hot Chili Peppers Freaky Styley 1985, Hole Mint EMIAm st17168
193 Renbourn, John Faro Annie 1972,SW, WLP!, Insert Exc/M- WarBros ms2082
194 Ritter, Tex Blood on the Saddle SW, Hole, Black RB Mint Capitol st1292
195 Roe, Tommy/ Jordanaires Sheila Black RB M-/M- ABCPara abcs432
196 Rolling Stones Big Hits-High Tide Green Grass Gf, Photos Mint London nps1
197 Rolling Stones Rewind (1971-1984) 1984, Mint Rstones 901761
198 Rose Tattoo Scarred for Life 1982, NH Mint Mirage 900221
199 Rundgren, Todd Todd 1974, WLP!, 2-lps, Poster, RW Exc/M- Bearsville 2br6952
200 S.B.O.T.H.I. Can the Sound Change 1989, Japan Mint ?
201 S.B.O.T.H.I. Last 1991, German, Clear Vinyl Mint Selektion slp021
202 Schoener, Eberhard-Secret Society Trance-Formation 1977, Gf, German M-/M- Harvest 1c06432526
203 Scrawl He's Drunk 1988, Insert Mint Rough us51
204 Scritti Politti Early 2004, 2-lps, Gf, U.K. Mint Rtrade lp183
205 Seeger, Pete American Industrial Ballads 1956, Mono, Black, Booklet Mint Folkways fh5251
206 Seeger, Pete Songs for Struggle + Protest 1930-50 1964, Mono, Black, Booklet Mint Folkways fh5233
207 Shark Vegas You Hut Me 1986, U.K., 12" Mint Fac III ?
208 Shock Headed Peters Life Extinguisher 1986, U.K. Mint Silent 3bc?
209 Simon and Garfunkel Wednesday Morning, 3 AM 70's,SW, w/Poster Mint Columbia cs9049
210 Smiths, The The Queen is Dead 1986, Gf Mint Sire w125426
211 Soft Machine Volume Two 1969, Gf, Hole, SRW M-/M- Command cplp4505
212 Soft Machine Self-titled Gf, Hole, SRW M-/M- ABCProbe cplp4500
213 Sopwith Camel Miraculous Hump Returns…Moon 1973, Gf, Boat Mint WarBros ms2108
214 Spooky Tooth Spooky Two Brown M-/M- AM sp4194
215 Springsteen, Bruce Nebraska 1982, Mint Columbia tc38358
216 Stanley Brotherrs Earliest Recordings Gf, Mono, Clear Vinyl Mint ? Label 6004
217 Steppenwolf Born to be Wild Black RB M-/M- Dunhill ds50029
218 Steppenwolf Monster Gf, German M-/M- EMI 1c06290764
219 Stevens, Cat Teaser and Firecat Gf, SngStkr Sealed AM sp4313
220 Strawbs Grave New World Hole, Gf, WLP!, Book M-/M- AM sp4344
221 Strawbs From the Witchwood 1971, Gf, Gold M-/M- AM sp4304
222 Styx Cornerstone 1981, Gf, 1/2 Speed Audioph Mint Nautilus nr27
223 Suns of Arqa India? Vol. IV 1984, U.K. Mint RockSteady 1 gil
224 Supersempfft Roboterwerke 1979, Gf, Holland Mint CBS 83712
225 Swinging Blue Jeans Hippy Hippy Shake Mono M-/M- Imperial lp9261
226 Talking Heads/ Prod. By Brian Eno Fear of Music 1979, M-/Mint Sire srk6076
227 Tejada, John Significant Numbers White Cover Mint SeventhCity scd013
228 Test Dept. Proven in Action 1991, U.K. Mint Dept.2
229 Throwing Muses Hunkpapa 1989, U.K. Mint 4AD cad901
230 Tibbetts, Steve Self-titled 1977, Autographed! Mint Frammis bxx77
231 Tibbetts, Steve Yr 1980, U.K. Mint Frammis 152225
232 Tolonen, Jukka Summer Games 1973, Finland M-/M- Love lrlp91
233 Traveling Wilburys Self-titled 1988, Mint Wilbury 257961
234 Turtles, The Happy Together-Rather…with me M-/M- WhWhale wws7114
235 VA: Alter Boys/Naked City/Clubft Orch. Clubfoot 1981, Poster Mint SubT sub#8
236 VA: Daniel Bell/A. Shakir/M. Geist New Horizons 1999, Plain White Cover, 12" M- SeventhCity scd009
237 VA: Ian + Zodiacs/Faron's Flamingos/S. Webb Exciting Liverpool Sound Mono, WLP! Mint Columbia cl2172
238 VA: Ian Gillan/ Murrah Head ST: Jesus Christ Superstar 1970, 2-lps, Gf, Book Sealed Decca dxsa7206
239 VA: Ruben Radica/ Toma Prosev Muzicki Biennale Zagreb 1975 1977, Yugoslavia Exc/M- Jugoton jus n.n4201
240 VA:Grobschnitt/Guru Guru/Jane/Scorpions Brain-Hist. German Rock 1972-76 1976, 2-lps, German, Gf Mint Brain 2/1091
241 VA:Psychic TV,Elliot Sharp/Hafler Trio Captured Music 1989, Gf, German Mint Selektion slp019
242 Vainio, Mika/ Roger Waters Oleva 2008, 2-lps, Finland Sealed Sanko 23
243 Vincent, Gene Greatest! Hole, Gf Sealed Capitol dkao380
244 Violence and the Sacred Suture Self 1987, Canada Mint Vaclp 04
245 Virgin Prunes Pagan Lovesong 1982, U.K., 45 Rpm Mint Rough rt106
246 Wainwright III, L./ R. Thompson I'm Alright 1985, SW Mint Rounder 3096
247 Waits, Tom Rain Dogs 1985, Lyric Slv Mint Island 90299-1
248 Walker, Peter Second Poem to Karmela 1968, Gold M-/M- Vanguard bsd79282
249 Watson, Doc and Merle Then and Now 1973, SW, Hole Mint Poppy ppla022f
250 Wigwam Nuclear Nightclub 1975, U.K. Mint Virgin v2035
251 Williams, Hank First, Last and Always SW, Mono, Black RB Mint MGM e3828
252 Williams, Lucinda Self-titled 1988, Lyric Sht, Hole M-/M- Rough us47
253 Wolfgang Press Legendary…and Other Tall Stories 1985, U.K., Lyric Sht Mint 4AD cad514
254 Wolfgang Press Burden of Mules 1983, U.K. Mint 4AD cad 308
255 Wolfgang Press Bird Wood Cage 1988, U.K. Mint 4AD cad810
256 Wyatt, Robert Nothing Can Stop Us U.K., Insert Mint Rough 35
257 Yokota, Susumu Image 1983-1998 2000, U.K., SngStkr Mint Leaf bay9v
258 Yost, Phil Fog-Hat Ramble 1968, Orig. Black Exc/M- Takoma c1021
259 Young Rascals, The Groovin' 1967, Blue-Green Mint Atlantic sd8148
260 Young, Neil After the Gold Rush Gf, German Mint Reprise k44088
261 Young, Neil Time Fades Away 1973, WLP! Mint Reprise m2151
262 Young, Neil On the Beach 1974, Boat Exc/M- WarBrosr2180
263 Zappa, Frank In New York 1977, 2-lps, Gf, Yellow M-/M- Discreet 2d 2290
264 Zappa, Frank/ Beefheart/Mothers Bongo Fury 1975, German M-/M- Discreet dis59209
265 Zappa/ Mothers of Invention The Worst of the Mothers Gf M-/M- Verve v65074
266 Zappa/ Mothers of Invention Cruisin' w/Rueben and the Jets Gf, Blue, SRW M-/M- Bizarre v65055x
267 Zappa/Beefheart/ Mothers Bongo Fury 1977, Yellow M-/M- Discreet ds2234
268 Zappa/Mothers The Grand Wazoo 1972, Gf, Boat, SRW M-/M- WarBros ms2093
269 Zappa/Mothers Over-nite Sensation 1973, Gf, Yellow, SRW M-/M- Discreet ms2149