About Us

Jerry’s Records, located in the heart of the historic Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is home to the world’s finest vinyl at the most affordable prices anywhere. Anywhere!

We’ve been selling records for 37 years now, serving music lovers from all over the world with clean, warm, and wonderful vinyl at some of the best prices ever to be found.

Jerry’s old-fashioned, bricks & mortar, hands-on, fair approach to moving vinyl from people who no longer want it to people who do, has enabled the store to survive as many others have folded their tent – or closed up their turntables – and gone away.

In 2017 Jerry retired, passing ownership on to fellow vinyl-lover and longtime employee Chris.

Jerry’s Records is home to half a million albums, 12″ singles, 45s, and EPs. It’s a record lover’s paradise and “the last fair deal going down” (Robert Johnson). We sell tons of wax:

– Rock / Pop / Metal / Alternative
– Soul / Disco / R&B / Funk / Hip Hop / Rap / Dance
– Jazz / Big Band / Fusion / Trad Jazz

Plus, we stock a humongous collection of the rest of the musical spectrum, including:

– Soundtracks / Casts / Radio / TV
– Vocals – Pop / Jazz Torch / M.O.R.
– Country / Western / Bluegrass / Sacred Gospel
– Latin / Latin Jazz / Reggae / World Beat
– Classical / Opera
– Comedy / Spoken Word / Poetry
– Gospel / Contemporary Christian / Sermons
– Easy Listening/ Lounge / Bachelor Pad
– International
– Folk / Celtic
– Children’s Music

We also offer an extensive selection of blues, older R&B, 50s rock, compilations, and our famous (and fun) “Weird Section” full of strange, cool and exotic gems. Our selection of 45s is growing weekly!

These records are screened (for condition), cleaned, and filed alphabetically by artist (we also have crates and crates of new arrivals). Our “Good Stuff” and “Best Sellers” sections are there for those who can’t spend the two weeks it takes to go through the whole store. And you can sample anything you want on any of our listening stations throughout the store.

At Jerry’s Records, we live, breathe, sleep – and sometimes eat! – vinyl. Visit us today!

Don’t forget to go down the hall and check out Galaxie Electronics, “Home of the Turntable Doctor!”

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