How We Price Records

We’re famous for the finest vinyl at the most affordable prices anywhere. Anywhere! We don’t price like the vinyl specialists in major metropolitan areas.

Most of the LPs in our store sell for $5. Imagine how much great vinyl you can get at that price! Most of our 45s are $3 and $5 while we also host a body of rare and collectable 45s as well. We have a large 12 inch collection with most only priced at $3!

The overall quality of most of our records is VG+ – EX. These are records that are obviously used, with reasonable wear on the cover and the possibility of light surface noise between tracks or during quiet passages on the vinyl, but still quite nice.

You’ll also find many records in our store still sealed and/or in mint, like-new condition. We also have plenty of hard-to-find but less-than-mint-condition records – and – multiple copies of many records. These are priced on the lower end of the scale, just to help you enjoy the music more.

The store offers many collectables in every category – and these are priced slightly higher. But we’re a music lover’s store – not an elite collector’s store.

We also maintain a collection of rarer and more collectable records at the front of the store. Instead of online auctions, we now offer these records at reasonable prices within the store, and you can inspect them before you buy them!

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