Trading and Buying

We have an insatiable appetite for rescuing records from those who don’t want or need them any more. We give your old records a warm, dry, friendly place to stay until they can be adopted by one of our vinyl lovers out there and given a nice, loving home.

We’ll buy almost any record we don’t have, but we’re always on the lookout for:

Rock, Soul & Jazz: Naturally, we’d prefer to buy what we can sell. Rock, Soul & Jazz sell best. But since we specialize in records for all tastes, we’re also looking for pretty much anything else.

Good titles: Some records, especially the million sellers, are pretty common – and we probably already have hundreds of these. We’ll take them, but they may not net you as much in either trade or cash as rare titles, collectables and mint records.

Good condition: If you’ve taken good care of your records, we definitely want to have a look. Our buyers want these, so we want to get records in good condition for them.

Plus, we have listening stations – turntables, for those of you that remember – throughout the store to sample the music you want to buy.

Naturally, we’d rather you trade your records in for some of what Jerry’s carries. If you’d prefer cash, we can arrange that too. In general, you’ll get more trade value than cash for your records. To sell or trade your records, visit our store. To sell a collection, see our collections page.

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